ExpressJet RGT Issues

We have had several issues regarding disparate treatment in recurrent training class.  We are currently researching these issues not only on a case by case basis but as a whole as well. We will be pursuing these claims to the fullest extent possible. One of the great benefits of union membership is equal treatment protected […]


HMO arbitration is scheduled for January 20, 2016 in Seattle, Washington.  The arbitration will be conducted by Arbitrator John LaRocco of Sacramento,  California and counsel for the Union is Jeff Bartos from the law firm of Guerrieri, Clayman, Bartos and Parcelli, P.C. of  Washington D.C. Any questions please contact General Chair Jackie Fay Fraternally,  Jackie […]


  Negotiations were held August 18 -20, 2015. Representing the rank and file was Grand Lodge Representative – Tom Regan, District 142 President-Directing General Chair Dave Supplee, General Chair – Randy Griffith, District 142 Special Representative – Dave Figueira, LL 1979 President & Grievance Committee Chairman – Brian Simonson, and Grievance Committeeman – Randall Bangay. […]

SOUTHWEST SOS Discussions Update

The second round of discussions with Southwest took place August 19, 2015 in Dallas, Texas. The parties are still reviewing the Articles of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement that can be adopted for the SOS group and articles that modifications for SOS specific will be needed. The next meeting dates will be August 31, September […]

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