The Association Mechanic and Related/ Stores Negotiating Committee Update


Mechanic and Related/ Stores Negotiating Committee Update:

Your committee met in DFW at the TWU ATD Headquarters last week and accomplished the following:

• Worked to complete reconciliation process for the Mechanic and Related, MLS/Stores and MCT groups. We have completed the review of all the articles of both CBA’s for each group.

• Continued discussions with AMT Technical Crew Chief Instructor/MTS.

• The seniority integration committee is now scheduled to meet the week of November 9th in Washington DC and will work on a parallel track with the Negotiating Committee to address seniority issues and create lists for each classification.

• Your Committee fully understands that the Membership is eager to reach these important steps in the process. We look forward to together engaging the company and securing our futures with what we deserve and are entitled to.

• We remain steadfast in attaining an agreement that recognizes our member’s sacrifices that placed American Airlines in the position to continue to post their largest profits in its history.

We thank you for your continued support, patience and solidarity.

Mechanic and Related/Stores Negotiations Committee

Jason Best              Mike Bush            Ken Coley             John Coveny

Dale Danker        Mark Huffman    Bennie Martino    Gary Peterson

Larry Pike           Sean Ryan           Jay Sleeman            Mark Strength

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Updated: October 19, 2015 — 7:52 am
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