Month: January 2015

AER LINGUS Irish Airlines Negotiations Update

Your Negotiating Committee met on January 14 -16, 2015, at the company office in Jericho. In attendance for the Company were Ken Karchinski and AnnaMarie Weismantel. Present for the Union were Maria Restuccia, Diane Seddio and General Chair Mike Manzo. The topic the first day we met was the takeover bid made by International Airlines […]

ExpressJet CRJ Duty Day Violations

When the ATL and DTW bid packets were published they contained dozens of duty day violations due to an issue with the Flica update that occurred. We quickly contacted the Company to discuss resolutions to this issue.  ATL Grievance Base Chair, Marche Cooper and myself worked closely with the Company for the past few days […]

ExpressJet CRJ February Bid Packet

Please be advised we have come across several duty day violations in the February bid packet.  We are currently cataloging all violations and working on getting legal pairings built.  This would create changes to the February bid packet and unfortunately may also cause a delay in the bidding process.  We will continue to work to […]

ExpressJet ERJ DFW Meeting

We met with the Company today and clarified a few issues that were obvious concerns for potentially DFW based flight attendants and/or displaced flight attendants. First of all, we have spoken with the Company and both American, as well as United will be accepted means of travel for the purposes of utilizing Conscientious Reporting also […]

ExpressJet ERJ DFW Base Questions

ERJ DFW BASE QUESTIONS In light of the new base opening in DFW we have been receiving quite a few questions. While we may have some differences in the flying on the CRJ and ERJ operations, we also expect many commonalities. In order to address your questions regarding American flying such as, what the CRJ […]

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