Month: May 2015

ExpressJet FA – ATL Area Flooding

Atlanta is currently experiencing intense rainfall, which is causing flooding and impassable roads in some areas. Under the CRJ CBA you are protected under Section 28.O. The Company is obligated to work with you for the purposes of removing him/her from scheduled duty if your home/domicile is involved in a natural disaster.  Each situation is […]

International Cabin Crew Day

  The IAM in recognizing our incredible Flight Attendant Sisters and Brothers who protect the skies each day, would like to wish you a Happy International Cabin Crew Day! Our responsibility comes with many misperceptions regarding our roles once passengers board our aircrafts. We ensure the safety and security of the flying public and our […]

IAM / PSA AIRLINES 2015 Call For Proposals

The IAM/PSA Collective Bargaining Agreement becomes amendable on April 24, 2016 with bargaining set to commence 6 months prior to the amendable date per Article 28 of the Agreement.  This language guarantees that the Company and your Union have already agreed to commence the negotiations process early.  I recently have had the initial conversations with […]

Expressjet – IAH Area Flooding

As you know Houston and the surrounding areas received intense rainfall last night and into the morning which resulted in city-wide flooding issues. Under the ERJ CBA you are protected under Section 3.W.2.b. if you are unable to report to work due to hazardous or impassable roads resulting from severe weather. If you are a […]

ATLANTIC AVIATION – PHL Negotiations Update

The employee Negotiating Committee and the Company met on May 18 and 19, 2015, at the Philadelphia base to start negotiations for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.   Present for the Company were Glen Gross, Regional Vice President, Operations and John Butterworth, General Manager.  Present for the Union were Chris Beurket, Ann Marie Flynn and John […]

USAirways/American Airlines IAM Contract Screening Committee Update

Your Contract Screening Committee met this week in Charlotte, North Carolina. This Committee was organized in order to help prepare the Negotiations Committee for the fast approaching negotiations of a Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement. Your Screening Committee was composed of members representing each classification under our agreement. This week the Screening Committee quantified, sorted and […]

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