Month: December 2015

ExpressJet ERJ RGT/CST Scheduling Success Follow-up

We have received very positive feedback from our announcement yesterday regarding the 2016 RGT/CST scheduling improvements that we were able to achieve.  We have also received some questions, such as “Will this improvement apply to reserves?”  Reserves under the current CBA restrictions have always and will continue to have all training scheduled on work days, […]

ExpressJet Weekly Update December 29, 2015

DFW/American Deadheads If you have experienced not being positive spaced on a deadhead back to base at the end of your trip please contact your respective grievance representative. CRJ-Romel Williams ERJ-Mary Shank   IAM Disaster Relief As you know severe weather has hit several states very hard in the past few days, including […]


With the recently reached Tentative Agreement, a ratification vote will occur on Friday, January 8, 2016 for all Hawaiian Airlines stations.  At the ratification meeting, all members will have an opportunity to have any and all questions answered and the opportunity to cast their vote.  These times should allow for everyone who is scheduled to […]

ExpressJet Weekly Update December 21, 2015

Negotiations This week we have a meeting scheduled  with the COO and VP of Inflight on December 23rd.   We plan to get an update regarding meeting for negotiations as soon as possible.  We have been adamant that we will do whatever it takes to achieve a JCBA.  An update will be sent after our […]

ExpressJet ERJ 2016 RGT/CST Training Concerns

We have received questions and concerns regarding the upcoming 2016 RGT and CST training.  We have extensively researched the contractual obligations of the Company regarding training and while we have not found the Company to be in violation of the CBA, we realize two training days along with possibly having to travel to/from training does […]


There has been several questions and concerns as to what is next after your successful vote for the IAM as your representation. There was an attempt to schedule meetings with the Swissport membership with District General Chair Randy Griffith to discuss the issues of representation and negotiations on your first agreement. Unfortunately, due to medical […]

ExpressJet Weekly Update December 14, 2015

Negotiations We have repeatedly addressed the slow pace we have experienced in negotiations since the Company filed for mediation over a year ago.  We are still aggressively pursuing the scheduling of new negotiations dates.  We are hopeful that we will be communicating new negotiations dates very soon.  IAM Flight Attendant Conference The IAM is excited […]

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