Month: December 2015

TWU-IAM Association Presents Positions/Proposals to American

The TWU-IAM Association yesterday presented American Airlines with a comprehensive package of positions/proposals that will serve as the foundation to achieve joint collective bargaining agreements for 30,000 ground workers at the largest, most profitable airline. Sito Pantoja and Harry Lombardo, Chair and Vice Chair of the Association, attended the opening of negotiations and reiterated to […]

30,000 TWU-IAM Association Members Open Negotiations With American Airlines

Amid unprecedented company and industry profitability, the TWU-IAM Association today announced that it commenced the largest ever joint contract negotiations with American Airlines for approximately 30,000 ground workers in Dallas. “American Airlines is booking record profits quarter after quarter because of its merger with US Airways. The carrier will more than double its earnings this […]

Urgent: Tell Congress to Repeal the Health Plan Excise Tax

Health insurance is expensive enough today, but a new tax scheduled to go into effect in 2018 is already making doctor’s visits and medical procedures pricier for middle-class workers. The Affordable Care Act’s 40-percent excise tax, frequently mischaracterized as the “Cadillac Tax,” would be imposed on plans that exceed individual coverage costs of more than […]

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