2016 DL142 Officer and Staff Candidates

vote candidatesAfter tally of all eligible LL endorsements the top endorsed candidates, appearing on the final ballot based on candidate eligibility and candidate acceptance has now been completed.   The final list of candidates who will be appearing on the ballot in June are shown below.

If you have any questions, contact Election Supervisor Katie Serrano at (314) 539-2615.



President/Directing GC                                     VP Southwest- 2 year

  1. Dave Supplee*                                             Clyde Haynes*

*Denotes winner by acclamation


VP- ExpressJet- 2 years                                     VP- Foreign Flag- 4 year

  1. Nicole Fears                                               Andrew Boyd*
  2. Rocio Havlik                                             *Denotes winner by acclamation


GC ExpressJet- 2 years                                      VP- Alaska Airlines- 4 year

  1. Sara Gonzales                                             Bea Knott
  2. Debbie Hebert                                            Justin Bates


GC Southwest- 2 year                                         VP- Air Wisconsin- 4 year

  1. Jessica Morris                                            Robert Nedeljkovic*
  2. Demetress Colbert                                     Wade Burklund

*Please be aware an alignment adjustment on the ballot caused Candidate Robert Nedeljkovic’s name to be erroneously listed as “Robert Nedeljkovi”.    

GC American- 2 year (3 positions)                     Trustee- 2 year

  1. Randy Griffith*                                              John “Big Dog” Bidoglio
  2. Bill Wise*                                                       Sheila Leitten
  3. John Coveny*

*Denotes winner by acclamation

GC At-Large- 2 year (3 positions)                       Trustee- 4 year

  1. April Butler                                                    Gary Vargo
  2. Sean Ryan                                                     Renita Wilson-Gibbs
  3. James M. Samuel
  4. Don Gerber                                                    GC At-Large- 4 year
  5. Dean Harvey                                                  Kenny Champagne
  6. David Rice                                                      Gary Collins


Secretary-Treasurer                                            GC Southwest- 4 year

  1. Ian Anderman                                                1.  Carrie Lessley
    *Denotes winner by acclamation                     2.  Cheryl Taylor


GC Air Wisconsin- 4 year                                 GC Alaska- 4 year

  1.   Jerry Lemke*                                              1.   Jackie Fay*

                                    *Denotes winner by acclamation


                                      Downloadable Version of 2016 Candidates                                        



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