Month: April 2016

ExpressJet IAH Flooding

The Houston area is experiencing major flooding in many parts of the city. For those of you who are flying the next few days, please stay safe and monitor your schedules for potential changes. Most importantly your safety should be the first priority. If there are flooded roads please exercise your contractual protections below. For […]

ExpressJet May 2016 DFW FA ILIW Bidding Delay

The May 2016 DFW FA ILIW reserve pool was incorrect and we had been in the process of having it corrected by the Company. We were working expeditiously to make sure it was corrected prior to ILIW opening. In order to ensure it was ready to go, the Company delayed ILIW until 1030, rather than […]


Your Negotiating Committee met this week in order to prepare our proposals for face-to-face negotiations with the Company. While we did not meet with the Company this week we have secured dates to meet with them May 23-27, 2016. Your continued support of the Committee is key as we begin face-to-face negotiations. To show your […]


Negotiations are scheduled to reconvene on May 4, 2016. The location and time has not been determined. You will be advised of the location and time once the Company has informed the Union. With best wishes, I remain Sincerely and fraternally, Otha “Mac” McSwain, Jr. GENERAL CHAIR POST ON ALL IAM BULLETIN BOARDS  

ExpressJet Weekly Update

    Negotiations Update After the IAM’s request for a proffer of arbitration last month, IAM District 142 and ExpressJet Airlines have agreed to continue joint contract negotiations the week of April 25th in Atlanta, GA.      **LAST CHANCE**  SUPPLEMENTAL BENEFITS – 2016 ENROLLMENT We are pleased to announce for the first time, we have organized a […]

ExpressJet Loss Of UA Discount Tickets

As of today, United Discount Tickets are not accessible to ExpressJet employees.  At no point was this discussed or agreed upon by the IAM, and we are working diligently to find out what exactly is the reason for such change, and if possible, how quickly this can be rectified.  We are in communication with Company […]

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