Month: July 2016


Brothers & Sisters: Yesterday your District Lodge representatives along with the Hotel Committee Chairperson met with the Company regarding the scheduling issues that have been taking place over the last two weeks. The biggest issues we have received were in regard to illegal duty days, mostly due to waiting for hotels to be booked in […]

Association, AA Mechanic & Related/Stores Negotiations Update

Sisters and Brothers, The Association Mechanic & Related/Stores Negotiating Committee met with American Airlines the week of July 25th at DFW, where we exchanged and discussed the following articles: Training – M&R, MLS, & MCT– We exchanged these proposals again this week and the company continues to refuse to recognize your seniority for selection purposes, which may […]

ExpressJet Weekly Update

Negotiations Update Your IAM joint contract negotiations committee met from Monday, June 27, 2016 and continued through Thursday, June 30, 2016 in Denver, Colorado. Your committee exchanged proposals with the Company on the following Sections: Section 5 Travel Expenses – After several exchanges and many discussions at the table we are very close to finalizing […]


Negotiations were held July 20-22, 2016 at your Sky Harbor Local Lodge 2559.  Good progress was made during this round of negotiations and tentative agreements were reached in the following areas: Recognition, Union Security, Non-Discrimination, Notification of Personnel Actions, Layoff and Recall, Security, Union Officials, and Safety, Health and Uniforms. Your Negotiators were able to […]


As you know the Company announced the closing of the ERJ DFW base today.  Please be advised that your rights under the contract will be protected throughout this process. We have an outstanding grievance regarding the Company not providing positive space travel that is outlined in the contract and should be provided to displaced flight […]

Machinists Union Achieves Recognition and First Contract at McGee Air Services

  The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) today announced it reached agreement on a first contract and a voluntary recognition agreement for approximately 25 Fleet Service workers at McGee Air Services, an Alaska Air Group ground handling subsidiary. McGee Air Services commenced operations today in Phoenix, performing all ramp service work previously […]

ExpressJet – ERJ ARC after Pairings

Brothers & Sisters, As we noted in the last ExpressJet Weekly Update, Reserve Flight Attendants have been receiving ARC assignments at the conclusion of their pairings.  This was an issue your Grievance Representatives were  in constant communication about and monitoring closely.  The Company was not crediting the contractual minimum of 5 hours. However, several grievances were […]

Flight Attendant Requirement on Ferry Flights

Dear Flight Attendants: The following is to clarify a situation which presented itself and to make sure accurate information is out there. A situation arose 7/21/16 which caused some confusion.  The situation was that an ERJ 145 had a maintenance issue and revenue passengers were taken off and the aircraft was to be ferried to […]

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