Month: January 2017

ExpressJet CRJ Email & Website Posting Error

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Earlier today, your representative Marche Johnson-Cooper, drafted a bulletin based on initial discussions she had with the company.  This bulletin was sent to me for approval, with instructions to hold the bulletin until Marche advised us the company had posted their notice.  I approved the bulletin, and forwarded to my office […]

 COMMUTAIR Issues Addressed

Sisters and Brothers, On January 23, 2017 IAM CommutAir Committee Chairperson Mark Diefenbach and IAM District Lodge 142 Chairperson Sara Gonzales met with CommutAir management in Cleveland, Ohio and was very successful in addressing several issues. Gate Return Pay Gate return pay was addressed and the Company agreed that contractually you should be paid for […]

ExpressJet CRJ Red Arrow Days

Sisters and Brothers, Unfortunately, the contract is silent when it comes to protecting our members from red arrow days.  We are fully aware of the impact red arrow days can have on flexibility and our quality of life. Once bids were awarded for February, there were 28 days designated as red arrow days.  After discussions between the […]


Sisters and Brothers, COPS Employees at Alaska Airlines enrolled in several of the HMO plans will be paying less for health care premiums beginning with their upcoming paychecks. This is the result of the IAM’s recent arbitration win, in which Arbitrator John LaRocco ordered Alaska to cease and desist from violating its contractual obligation to […]


The Union and Company met yesterday, January 17, in a continuing effort to resolve the outstanding differences that have led to the grievance concerning the British Airways pre-65 retiree health insurance. The meetings were positive and productive, however, no agreement was reached.  Both parties have identified some additional information to be exchanged and work that […]

ExpressJet IAH Floods

The Houston area is experiencing major flooding in many parts of the city. For those of you who are flying the next few days, please stay safe and monitor your schedules for potential changes. Most importantly your safety should be the first priority.  If there are flooded roads, please exercise your contractual protections below. For […]

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