Month: February 2017


Sisters and Brothers, In preparing for the upcoming negotiations at Alaska Airlines, we have developed a survey to get your input into what matters most to you in a new CBA.  We will soon be asking for contract proposals, so they too will help us focus on what is the high priority issues of the […]

District 142 Legislative Update

A referendum petition was filed a few short hours after Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens signed a bill into law, making Missouri the country’s 28th “right-to-work” state.  The referendum petition will freeze the law and put it on the ballot in 2018.  The law forces unions to allow people to opt out of paying union dues while […]

Alaska Airlines Reneges on Transition Agreement, Wants to “Contract Out” Work

Just moments before a transition agreement between the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) and Alaska Airlines was to be signed, Alaska Airlines insisted the IAM change the terms both parties already agreed to in that transition agreement to allow it to outsource work currently protected under the IAM contract, targeting reservations first. […]


The parties met again this week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in Dayton, Ohio to continue negotiations for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.   The Union negotiating committee was present and again joined by Grand Lodge Representative John Werkmeister.  Present for the Company was Karl Hanisch, DOM and Anthony Bralich, outside counsel from FH Solutions. Progress […]


Face-to-face negotiations between Jetstream Ground Services and the Union were held this week at Sky Harbor Local Lodge 2559.  Present for the Company was Marc Des Noyers, President and CEO, Ryan Brenton, General Counsel Jetstream, and Tammy Harrington, Director of Operations – PHX.   Representing you was Randy Griffith, IAMAW General Chair, Joyce Amoah, P/T […]

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