Month: April 2017

American Announces Mid-Term Pay Increases for Pilots & Flight Attendants

American Airlines yesterday announced mid-contract pay increases for its pilot and flight attendant groups.  The Company states its reasoning is that those two groups have fallen significantly behind their industry peers with long durations before their collective bargaining agreements are open for negotiations. The TWU-IAM Association negotiated industry leading pay increases last fall for the […]

Association, AA Executive Session Negotiations Continue

Brothers and Sisters, American negotiations continued this week in Washington, DC.  By mutual agreement, the Chairperson of the National Mediation Board (NMB), Linda Puchala, joined our negotiations.  The purpose of entering Executive level negotiations is to bring the talks to a successful conclusion and to the degree the NMB can assist in that goal, Ms. […]

IAM Renews Its Request for a ‘Proffer of Arbitration’ As a Step to Conclude Negotiations with ExpressJet

Sisters and Brothers, After more than six years of negotiations, IAM International President Robert Martinez, Jr. today requested that the National Mediation Board (NMB) issue a “proffer of arbitration” to the IAM and ExpressJet in an attempt to conclude the years-long contract negotiations. A “proffer of arbitration” can be requested and/or refused by either party […]

IAM statement on United Airlines

While the Machinists Union encourages the airline industry to use the unfortunate passenger removal incident as a moment to reform passenger re-accommodations, we take exception to those who characterize our passenger service members as responsible for such behavior.  Policies are written by management, not front-line employees.  Any decision to remove a passenger in an overbooking […]

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