Month: October 2017


Brothers and Sisters: Your IAM Negotiations Committee met with Menzies Aviation the week of October 23, 2017 at District Lodge 141 in ORD. The members of your committee are (Vic) Cenddie Alaban, Clarence Winston and IAM General Chairs Jerry Lemke and John Coveny. During this week’s session, the Committee exchanged proposals on and discussed the following […]

Flight Safety: SAFO 17011 Runway Status Lights (RWSL)

This SAFO serves to ensure that aircraft operators, pilots and airport personnel are aware of the installation, meaning, and use of RWSLs. There have been several instances at RWSL airports where flightcrews have ignored the illuminated red in-pavement RWSL lights when issued a clearance by Air Traffic Control (ATC). Illuminated RWSLs mean aircraft/vehicles stop or […]


Negotiations continued this week in Cincinnati, Ohio. Present again for the Company were Margaret Soda, VP-Human Resources as spokesperson, Gary Pratt, VP-Maintenance and Marcus Valentino, Director-Labor Relations. Your full Union negotiating committee was present.  Due to government funding issues, NMB Mediator Jack Kane was unable to attend. The week started with an update on several […]


Last week, your IAM representative met with the Company in our regular quarterly meeting. The topics discussed were based on the feedback your local representatives received directly from the membership. The first topic we covered was the incorrect accrual of vacation and the vacation audit that we requested on your behalf.  Efforts have been made […]

Association, AA Executive Session Negotiations Continue

Brothers and Sisters, The Executive Negotiating Committee met face to face with American Airlines this week in New York City. As was previously reported, an Association subcommittee met last week in Dallas to review and designate what Letters of Agreement would be retained in the JCBA, should be discussed during negotiations to incorporate into articles of […]


Sisters and Brothers, We met with the Company in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday October 18, 2017 to discuss staffing and operations. In regards to CRJ staffing, the Company has obviously seen a huge spike in attrition since the announcement of the Delta operation coming to an end in 2018.  This increase in attrition has continued […]


Brothers and Sisters, The TWU/IAM Association and  American Airlines agreed that, as part of the interim wage increase agreement negotiated in August 2016, any members that were disadvantaged would be corrected and made whole. The first correction in 2016 affected 33 members. The parties are pleased to announce that this year, 27 LUS Stock Clerks […]

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