Month: November 2017

EXPRESSJET ERJ Furlough Announcement

Sisters and Brothers, As you know, the Company made the unfortunate announcement today that they will be furloughing 68 flight attendants on the ERJ side of the operation.  We are hopeful that this will be temporary but the eventual duration of the furloughs is unknown.  The impact will greatly depend on the ERJ flight attendant […]


Sisters and Brothers: I have recently received a number of calls regarding the Preferential Hiring Agreement and the Vacation Bid process.  In order to eliminate the rumors and misinformation I would like to address these issues here. Preferential Hiring Agreement signed 8/6/2014 This agreement provided a pathway for an employee that was furloughed from a […]


Many people have been questioning the rules and requirements that are being communicated for the upcoming ratification vote.  They can be found on page 18 of the District Lodge 142 By-Laws which read in part: ARTICLE XIII Section 1.  All negotiated contracts shall be submitted to the membership affected for ratification. Each negotiated airline contract […]


On Wednesday afternoon, Doug Caines again tried to “communicate” with the US based employees and only succeeded in insulting the group at large.  Again. He would have you believe that there are employees who are eager to see progress in achieving an agreement that satisfies “the legitimate interest of the Company and our affected employees”.  […]

Neutral Javits Issues Final Integrated Seniority Lists For COPS Members at Alaska Airlines and Virgin America

Sisters and Brothers, The IAM today announced that Neutral Joshua Javits issued his final integrated seniority lists for the COPS work group at Alaska Airlines. The final lists are the completion of an investigation Neutral Javits conducted regarding protests of the initial seniority lists, issued on July 12, 2017. The final integrated seniority lists show […]

ExpressJet CRJ Premium Pay

Sisters and Brothers, The Company has agreed to pay 200% for CRJ Flight Attendants on the following dates: December 22nd December 26th December28th If a Reserve Flight Attendant is scheduled but does not receive an assignment, she/he will also receive the premium on the specified dates, if available for the entire reserve block. To qualify […]


Sisters and Brothers: Reminder that lot S will close on November 26 at midnight and we will begin utilizing AATC’s Lot 2 at 00:00 on November 27,  the address is 600 Lake Mirror Road,  Atlanta GA 30349. Currently, it is suggested by the Company to use Google maps when looking up this location, as there can be some confusion […]

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