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contract_negotiationsYour IAM joint contract negotiations committee will meet from Monday, August 22, 2016 and continue through Thursday, August 26, 2016 in St Louis, MO.


Personnel Files
submitted by Sara Gonzales

Personnel-FileUnder both the ERJ and CRJ CBAs, Flight Attendants have the right to have negative/derogatory documents removed from their file once they are older than 12 months for ERJ under Section 16.C.3. or 24 months for CRJ under Section 26.A.4.  In order to have your personnel file purged of negative materials outside the 12 or 24-month terms (for your respective CBA), please contact your local grievance representative(s).


Update – Social Media Policy
submitted by Sara Gonzales

social mediaDisciplinary meetings regarding Social Media Policy infraction allegations continue to be setup system-wide on both the ERJ and CRJ sides of the operation.  While we are responsible for adhering to the Company’s Social Media Policy, if you are disciplined unjustly, whether too harshly for the infraction or if what was posted on social media didn’t violate policy, we are fighting those issues and plan to continue that fight.  As always, it is your right to bring a union rep with you anytime you have a meeting with management.


submitted by Marche’ Johnson-Cooper

Reserve Flight Attendants

When calling crew scheduling at the end of your assignment to be released, there are 4 options in your contract which must be adhered to.  If you have any questions, please reach out to your union representatives.


Section 8.E. Additional Assignment

At the completion of her/his assignment and prior to leaving the airport, a Reserve Flight Attendant must contact Crew Scheduling.  Upon contact by the Flight Attendant, the Company will either:

  1. Give the Flight Attendant another assignment; or
  2. Release the Flight Attendant into her/his rest; or
  3. Require the Flight Attendant to remain at the airport for up to one (1) hour for the purpose of accepting further assignment, provided that such assignment is scheduled to begin no more than three (3) hours from the block in time of her/his previous assignment; or
  4. Permit the Flight Attendant to leave the airport and remain on call until her/his reserve period is over. For the purpose of this paragraph, a Flight Attendant’s reserve period shall begin when she/he checks in for the duty period.


This week there were 2 grievances submitted to Grievance Mediation.

Step 2 Grievances
submitted by Sara Gonzales

grievanceThere were three Step 2 grievances appealed this week.  The following is a base breakdown of the pending Step 2 grievances:




The next Grievance Mediation session is being held for both CRJ and ERJ November 28-29, 2016.



Upcoming Local Lodge Meeting


EWR Embassy Suites
95 Glimcher Realty Way, Elizabeth, NJ 07201
Tuesday, September 13, 2016 1pm
**please note the new meeting time**
transportation provided from EWR P-4

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