9/11 We Will Never Forget


It seems as of late we have had an onslaught of unfortunate and distressing news, from the Delta shutdown at ExpressJet to the devastation caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma to the recent tragic passing of our Sister, Crystal McDowell.

Today, the most somber day in the airline industry that forever changed our jobs is one that no matter what other tragedies we may be experiencing must never be forgotten. On this day in 2001, crewmembers showed up to work their flights like any other day but ended the day as fallen heroes. Please take moment to include the families of those who lost loved ones in the 9/11 attacks in your thoughts and prayers.


United Airlines Flight 93 EWR/SFO Pennsylvania

 Flight Deck Crew:   
Jason Dahl 43      Leroy Homer 36

Flight Attendants
Wanda A Green 49        Lorraine G. Bay 58        
Sandra W. Bradshaw 38        Ceecee Lyles 33     
Deborah A. Welsh 49    





United Airlines Flight 175 BOS/LAX South Tower

Flight Deck Crew:
Victor Saracini 51    Michael Harrocks 38

Flight Attendants:
Robert Fangman 33     Amy Jarret 28         Amy King 29      Kathryn LaBorie 44   
Alfred Marchand 44              Michael Tarrou 38              Alicia Nicole Titus  28




American Airlines Flight 11 BOS/LAX North Tower

 Flight Deck Crew: 
John Ogonowski, 52      Thomas F. McGuinness, 42  

Flight Attendants:   
Barbara Arestegui, 38      Jeffrey Collman, 41   Sara Elizabeth Low, 29   Karen Martin, 40         Kathy Nicosia, 54          Betty Annong, 45              
  Jean Roger, 24     Diane Snyder, 42         Madeline Amy Sweeney, 35


American Airlines Flight 77 IAD/LAX    Pentagon
Flight Deck Crew:
Charles F. Burlingane III 51           David M. Charlebois 39


Flight Attendants:       
Michele Heidenberger 57          Jennifer Lewis 38         
Kenneth Lewis 49           Renee Ann May 39




It may seem like all too much at times, but let us focus on the outpouring of love and support we have seen from our colleagues throughout these difficult times.  Let us use these tragedies to see each other on the human level and believe in one another. Let us use these most difficult times to lift each other up and showcase exactly what we are, the most giving, caring and strongest group of men and women around.  We are so very proud to call you our Sisters and Brothers.

Through eyes blurred with tears, we find the strength to soar beyond the moment.   We will look to the future but know we can never forget the past.


If you’re in need of help from the Employee Assistance Program please contact Paul Shultz at pm.shultz@att.net or 704-907-3563.



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