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McConnell tees up Senate consideration of FAA bill this week (WE WILL BE PUSHING FOR CSA LANGUAGE AND FA 10 HR REST)

Fresh off a two-week recess, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell kicked off today’s session by getting the legislative ball rolling on the Senate’s FAA bill. McConnell moved to proceed to an unrelated House bill (H.R. 636), which will serve as the legislative shell for the Senate’s FAA measure (S. 2658), the first of several steps […]

Air Canada – HNL Tentative Agreement

After numerous delays and a year of negotiations District 142 is pleased to announce a tentative agreement with Air Canada covering the Aircraft Mechanics in Honolulu, Hawaii. The proposed agreement provides for no increase in medical premiums, additional endorsement premiums, a new classification pay grade, retro pay back to 2011, and a pay increase of […]

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