Allied Aviation – Newark Call For Contract Proposals

Posted November 5, 2014.

The current Collective Bargaining Agreement between the IAMAW and Allied Aviation Service Company of New Jersey covering the classifications of Fueler, Mechanic, Utility,
and Tank Farm expires on February 28, 2015. Accordingly, a call for proposed contract changes is now in order.  The period to submit “Contract Proposals” will run from November 3, 2014 through December 20, 2014. Each proposed change should be submitted on a contract proposal form. Proposal forms can be obtained from a Steward in your location, on the District
Lodge 142 website at or be submitted on line via the District Lodge 142 website at .
When submitting more than one proposal, please use separate forms.

All contract proposal forms must contain the following information:
1. Identify the article, paragraph and page number to be amended
2. Proposed contract language change or modification
3. Example of problem or reason for change
4. Your name, Local Lodge and employee and/or IAM Book number
All proposed changes must be submitted online or be given back to your Steward by December 20, 2014 for forwarding to the Proposal Screening Committee for screening and
categorization. If you have any questions about this process, please contact your Steward no later than December 20, 2014.



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Updated: December 4, 2014 — 9:56 pm
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