Allied Aviation – San Antonio Negotiations Update

Posted September 17, 2014.

 Negotiations are at a standstill waiting on the Company’s counter proposal to the Union’s last submission on April 22, 2014.  Since our first meeting on January 9, 2014 when the first proposals were exchanged, Allied has rendered two proposals that your negotiating committee rejected and responded back with reasonable counter proposals.  There have been five mutually agreed to extensions since our first meeting due to scheduling conflicts for meeting dates.  Through proposal exchanges the open items have narrowed to wages/ compensation, insurance, and mechanic recall pay minimum.  There have been improvements made to the contract language in several areas.

Your negotiating committee will continue to negotiate on your behalf until an acceptable agreement is reached for your approval.  The last communication from the Company was September 16, 2014 that indicates that because other tentative agreements at other Allied/IAM locations have been voted down by the members, the Company will either concentrate their efforts to finalizing those locations or attempt to resolve other smaller open contracts.  We are waiting for their decision.

It is apparent that Allied Aviation has not met the fundamental needs or expectations of the IAM membership not only in San Antonio but other locations.

Our current extension is effective through September 30, 2014 and your negotiating committee is prepared to resume meaningful negotiations when Allied is committed to that process.

We will provide updates as they occur and your continued patience and support is appreciated.



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Updated: December 8, 2014 — 11:53 pm
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