BRITISH AIRWAYS Third Party Update

In view of new lease arrangements negotiated by British Airways and the Port Authority JFK concerning Terminal 7 and the announcement that United Airlines will be relocating their operation to Newark Airport we have agreed to negotiate changes to the current Letter of Understanding regarding Third Party handling in the terminal. These changes were negotiated to try and maintain all of the current Third Party Airline handling contract work performed by British Airways staff at Terminal 7 and to make us more competitive in competing for any future Third Party handling work that may come to Terminal 7.

The amendments to the Third Party Letter of Understanding require ratification by the Customer Service employees working Terminal 7 – JFK.

General Chair Mike Manzo will be holding briefings on the above amendments at Terminal 7 on the following dates:

Monday – August 3, 2015                   12:00 – 18:00 – in the briefing room

Tuesday – August 4, 2015                   14:00 – 20:00 – in the briefing room

Wednesday – August 5, 2015             16:00 – 21:00 – in the briefing room

The ratification vote will be held at Terminal 7 on Thursday, August 6, 2015 between the hours of 12:00 PM – 21:00 PM.  The vote will be conducted by Local Lodge 1894.

Approximately fifty-six (56%) percent of the JFK workforce are working within Third Party shift bids. It is very important that everyone vote.


Sincerely and fraternally,

Michael Manzo



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Updated: July 22, 2015 — 3:00 pm
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