COMMUTAIR Issues Addressed

Sisters and Brothers,

On January 23, 2017 IAM CommutAir Committee Chairperson Mark Diefenbach and IAM District Lodge 142 Chairperson Sara Gonzales met with CommutAir management in Cleveland, Ohio and was very successful in addressing several issues.

Gate Return Pay
Gate return pay was addressed and the Company agreed that contractually you should be paid for gate returns.  If you have had a gate return and were not paid, please contact Mark Diefenbach at

Report Time Changes for Reserves
Report times changing after the posted time of 6pm were discussed and the Company has committed to reiterating to scheduling that such changes may not occur after the posted time.

Bid Awards and NavTech
In order to address the concerns we have received regarding bid awards, the Union will be participating in the bid runs on a much more in depth level, beginning in the coming months.  In addition, several specific NavTech concerns were brought to the Company’s attention.  Currently, NavTech is building schedules with more than four stand-ups in a row and while the Company has corrected this problem after it happens, they have committed to seeking a permanent solution to prevent this from occurring. Also, the Company will begin posting defined dates in NavTech for bidding, LIP and finalization of bids.

Split Duty Same Day Reserve Shifts
We addressed proper pay for split duty reserve shifts occurring on the same calendar day.  If you have had a split duty reserve shift please contact Mark Diefenbach at to ensure you have been paid properly.

In conclusion, your Union is fully aware of how the issues addressed today can impact your quality of life, so both parties have agreed to keep the lines of communication open between the Company and Flight Attendants.  The company and the Union has also agreed to have quarterly labor management meetings where general issues and concerns can be addressed. Our next meeting is scheduled May 9, 2017.


In Solidarity,

        Sara Gonzales                          Mark Diefenbach
GENERAL CHAIR                Committee Chair    





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