Sisters & Brothers:

We recently met with the Company for our quarterly meeting. These meetings are held in order to get updates on the status of the Company as well as discuss any concerns of the membership.

The issue of flight attendants being denied union representation in investigatory phone calls and meetings was discussed at length. If there is any possibility that an instigation may end up resulting in disciplinary action you are entitled to union representation and you cannot be required to continue with the conversation until you have received union representation. This also includes probationary flight attendants.

In addition, we have received many complaints regarding unprofessional behavior from management. If you feel you’re being targeted or being treated unprofessionally or unfairly by a member of management, please keep detailed notes of the events and notify your union representative immediately.

We revisited the topic of the IAD crew room being so far away when the buses are not running.  The Company has indicated that this only impacts two flights each day, and if you are operating one of those flights and are affected you should contact the Company.

Scheduling was also an area of concern particularly regarding reserve preferencing not being honored and the issues with trading trips for reserve shifts. These concerns have not yet been resolved and we will continue those discussions.

We also discussed the training LMS needing to be done 72 hours prior recurrent.  This is currently changing and will only be required to be completed by the time you attend training. We also discussed uniforms being required for training and the Company indicated one of the primary reasons for the change was due to flagrant infractions to the dress code in the past. As the training program continues to progress the Company will be continuing to evaluate the dress code. In addition, the Company expressed concern with training failures affecting the operation. The Union suggested that training workshops being offered prior to recurrent training could alleviate this issue.

We expressed concern that the policy regarding the requirement to call from the crew room to check in has been issued via email but is not in any manual that can be referenced and the Company noted that it will be included in the next FAM revision.

The issue of ice being placed on the floor by catering remains an issue in outstations and the Company indicated that they are awaiting an update from United.

As you know your contract will become amendable at the end of this year and we have already begun discussions regarding how and when would be the best time to begin those negotiations in order to be the most productive. You can look forward to more information about negotiations throughout the year, including negotiations surveys.

If you have any issues you would like addressed with the Company as always just reach out to your union representative.

In Solidarity,

Sara Gonzales






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Updated: January 30, 2018 — 8:05 pm
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