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Sisters and Brothers, Last week, your IAM representatives met with Inflight and labor relations management at CommutAir for our regular quarterly meeting to discuss overall concerns that have been brought to us.  Passenger Photos/Videos One of our major concerns was how to handle passengers who are taking photos and/or video of Flight Attendants without their […]

 COMMUTAIR Issues Addressed

Sisters and Brothers, On January 23, 2017 IAM CommutAir Committee Chairperson Mark Diefenbach and IAM District Lodge 142 Chairperson Sara Gonzales met with CommutAir management in Cleveland, Ohio and was very successful in addressing several issues. Gate Return Pay Gate return pay was addressed and the Company agreed that contractually you should be paid for […]

Tell Congress to Give Flight Attendants Adequate Rest

As safety professionals and first responders, Flight Attendants are tasked with handling emergencies and caring for thousands of passengers every day. Disturbingly, study after study shows Flight Attendants are impacted by fatigue on a regular basis, negatively affecting their ability to perform safety functions in an emergency. But nothing has been done—yet. While Flight Attendants […]

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