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Ian Anderman

Ian Anderman – Southwest Airlines

I’ve been a member of the IAM for over 15 years. During that time, I’ve been a shop steward at Southwest Airlines, served on the screening committee for contract negotiations and I am currently the General Secretary Treasurer for District 142.

Looking at the future, I am excited to serve as an Educator for the District 142 Education Committee. I truly believe that educating our members is imperative to the survival and prosperity of our union and our union members.






John Bidoglio – US Airways

Let me introduce myself, my name is John Bidoglio , “Big Dog”,  for those that can’t pronounce my last name.  I am making the membership aware of the Education Committee, a resource that the District offers to the Local Lodges.  The Education Committee provides training to the newly elected and present Shop Stewards as well as Local Lodge Officials.  Some examples of the training provided include understanding contract issues, negotiation skills (for those inevitable differences in interpretation) and handling the grievance process. Further, Local Lodge Officers are provided orientation in their newly assumed duties as Lodge Officers.




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