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Most of us have felt “stressed out” at some point. Stress is unavoidable. While there is not a universally agreed upon definition of stress the following definition is very popular. Stress is our physical or mental reaction to demanding situations. Therefore a certain amount of daily stress is normal.

What Are Some Common Myths Surrounding Stress?

Myth: Stress is the same for everyone.

Stress is different for everyone. What is stressful for one person may or may not be stressful for another. Each person may respond to stress in an entirely different way.

Myth: Stress is always bad.

According to this view, zero stress makes us happy and healthy. This is wrong- stress is a normal part of life. Stress can be the kiss of death or the spice of life. The issue is how to manage it. Managed stress makes people productive and happy. Mismanaged stress hurts and even kills.

Myth: Stress is everywhere, so nothing can be done about it.

Not so. Life can be planned so that stress does not become overwhelming.

Myth: The most popular techniques for reducing stress are the best ones.

No universally effective stress reduction techniques exist, because each individual reacts differently.

Myth: No symptoms, no stress.

Absence of symptoms does not mean the absence of stress. In fact, camouflaging symptoms with medication may deprive a person of the signals needed for reducing the strain on physiological and psychological systems.

Myth: Only major symptoms of stress require attention.

This myth assumes that minor symptoms, such as headaches or stomach acid, may be safely ignored. Minor symptoms of stress are the early warnings that life is getting out of hand and stress needs to be better managed.
Adapted from American Psychological Association, 2008 as found on the samhsa.gov website

Some tips for managing stress:

Take care of yourself. Maintain a healthy diet and get plenty of rest
Learn deep breathing techniques.
Make time for fun.


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