Employee Assistance Program

EAP Contact Information:
District 142 Director, IAM EAP Services
Paul Shultz
Cell 704-907-3563
E-Mail: pm.shultz@att.net


Let the Employee Assistance Program Help You


The IAM Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential, worksite-based program designed to benefit members and their dependents in the identification and resolution of personal problems or concerns that may adversely affect their job performance. The International Association of Machinists’ believes it is in the interest of the member, his/her family, the IAM, and its partner companies to provide help for members experiencing difficulties.

IAM EAP volunteer peer coordinators are union members helping other union members. The IAM EAP provides members and their family’s confidential consultations and referrals to community resources. The IAM EAP can assist with issues including: alcohol and drug abuse; domestic abuse; sexual abuse; mental health; finances; legal concerns, stress, relationship and marital issues; and other personal issues. In addition, we also offer Peer Dispute Resolution for any member experiencing conflict on the job.

Each year IAM EAP peer coordinators participate in regional trainings sponsored by the IAM and an annual training co-sponsored by the union and its partner Airlines. Also available are EAP I, EAP II, EAP III and EAP IV, weeklong courses at the IAM William W. Winpisinger Education & Technology Center in Hollywood, Maryland.

Would you like to become a IAM EAP Peer Coordinator?

For more information or to enroll in one of the IAM Peer Coordinator Courses see the 2017 dates below!

EAP I PROGRAM    02-19 to 02-24  or  10-01 to 10-06

EAP II PROGRAM   04-09 to 04-14

EAP III PROGRAM  06-25 to 06-30

EAP IV PROGRAM   10-29 to 11-03



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