ExpressJet ERJ RGT/CST Scheduling Flexibility Success

After discussions with the Company regarding the CBA requirement that both RGT and CST be taken on days off, we are very pleased that now lineholders will have the ability to pick up training over a trip, therefore not impacting their days off. This development came after concerns had been brought to us regarding the negative impact of adding another day of training back into the annual curriculum. While performing training on days off was within the contractual limits, we heard your concerns and they were addressed. We are very happy to report the Company was able to show that they were committed to working with IAM in coming to a solution.

If you choose to pick up training over a trip it will be pay protected for the entire trip and it will be modified, unless you choose to have the entire trip dropped, which then you will only be pay protected on your actual training days not on non-training days. Your elections for training must be made during the ILIW, so please refer to the Company memo sent out today. Also, you still have the option of performing training on days off for the additional training pay.

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Updated: December 29, 2015 — 2:42 pm
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