ExpressJet ERJ Commuter Clause Grievance Mediation

As we discussed previously the Company had begun to discipline flight attendants  that should have been covered under the commuter clause because they contended that the flight attendants listed too far in advance.  We viewed this as a direct violation of the CBA and past practice and filed an Et Al grievance on the violation.

Today, I am pleased to announce that we were able to resolve it in grievance mediation.  The Company will be going back to our past practice supported by the CBA with no time limit on listing for flights for Commuter Clause.  If you were disciplined or received an occurrence because you were told by management that you listed “too far in advance” to use conscientious reporting or commuter clause please email me your name and the date of the occurrence to by November 18th, so I can make sure it’s removed.


Sara Gonzales

General Chairperson


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Updated: November 14, 2015 — 1:42 pm
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