ExpressJet CRJ December 2015 BID Award Results

After more than 500 bid run solutions for the month of December, PBS Chairperson Anita Deen and Special Representative Marche’ Johnson-Cooper worked tirelessly with the Company to achieve a bid award without unstacking. This is a first for the month of December in several years.  We wanted to share the results of the bid award with you and offer suggestions for bidding in the future.

Settings ATL FT ATL PT DFW FT DTW FT Vacation Low

(FT System)

Min 76 30 75 75 60
Max 86 45 85 83 80
TLV 80 35 77 77 75


ATL- once the bid award was complete; there is 2.84% of open time withheld. The min remained the same while max window was raised to 100, the TLV is 90 and there are 110 RSV’s.

Factors that affected setting changes in ATL are as follows:

* TOWOP – 47 were awarded for the month of Dec. in ATL.

* The window set didn’t meet operational needs based on number of Flight

Attendants and the number of hours that needed to be covered.  Please

remember the MIN/MAX/TLV are subject to change.

DFW- once the bid run was complete, there is 4.29% open time withheld. The MIN/MAX/TLV window remained the same and there are 13 RSV’s.

DTW- once the award was complete we have 4.47% withheld. The MIN/MAX/TLV remained the same and there are 48 RSV’s.

Bidding suggestions:

*Make sure you have a default bid.

*Changes to the MIN/MAX/TLV windows may happen, have more than one bid

sheet adding pairings in the event the window changes.

*How our co-workers bid will affect your bid, keep this in mind when bidding.

*Please remember to protect yourself in your bid, select your Personal Credit

Threshold PCT (when selecting your PCT you will only be awarded between the

MIN and MAX settings during the bid run).

*Always include the days you want off when tagging trips.

*When bidding a single day off between trips (don’t forget to allow the single

days off preference).

*When selecting your days off preference, cascade them out from days you want

to the days you need.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


In Solidarity,

Marche’ Johnson-Cooper



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Updated: November 20, 2015 — 8:34 am
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