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Brothers & Sisters,

As we noted in the last ExpressJet Weekly Update, Reserve Flight Attendants have been receiving ARC assignments at the conclusion of their pairings.  This was an issue your Grievance Representatives were  in constant communication about and monitoring closely.  The Company was not crediting the contractual minimum of 5 hours. However, several grievances were filed and the problem has since been resolved.

Payroll has run a spreadsheet on everyone that had ARC after flying this month and should be correcting his or her pay.  Please check your Crew Pay to ensure you are being credited accordingly.  If you were not paid correctly, please email a member of management and cc your Grievance Representative so it can be corrected.  Keep in mind, regardless of the length of your ARC period;  you should be receiving 5 credit hours in addition to the previously flown trip.  If you were assigned a trip while on the ARC period that was worth more than the 5 hours, you will be credited for the greater amount.

In addition, you should not be scheduled up to a 13:30 duty day on ARC after a pairing because while it is not a violation of the CBA, it is counter productive to the operation and unfair to our membership.  We addressed this multiple times with Scheduling and FAs are not to be scheduled past an 11:30 duty day.  If you are scheduled past an 11:30 duty day while on an ARC assignment after a pairing, please contact a Grievance representative immediately, so we may assist in getting it resolved.

If you have any questions please contact your Grievance Representatives.


In Solidarity,

Sara Gonzales
General Chair

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Updated: July 23, 2016 — 5:37 am
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