ExpressJet ERJ Reserve Guide Available

As you know, many people are going back on reserve after years of holding a line.  We know this is a blow to your quality of life and while we have successfully addressed many reserve quality of life issues in negotiations, until the Company is willing to negotiate a fair compensation proposal, we will be unable to reap the benefits of any improved reserve rules.

In the meantime, we want to make being on reserve as painless as possible.  The first step to quality of life on reserve, is knowing your rights and responsibilities under your contract.  After years of being off reserve, you may not remember all the ins and outs of reserve life.

Your grievance team has developed a Reserve Guide to help you through the process.  You can click here to download the PDF, or view it on our app.  Printed guides are also available in the crew rooms.

We hope this tool will help you understand the reserve life better and as always, if you have further questions please contact one of your LL Grievance Representatives.


In Solidarity,

Sara Gonzales


 Nancie Craft (IAH)           Cori Horowitz (ORD)         Ali Rhodes (CLE)
Suzi Bahan (IAH)            Monica Pasillas (ORD)     Carli Meneses (EWR)
Debby Tucker (IAH)        Banetta Jones (ORD)       Manny Rivero (EWR)


Reserve Guide


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Updated: August 4, 2017 — 7:48 pm
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