ExpressJet is rolling out the new IOR program in a few weeks and is changing the vendor housing unit for Safety and Compliance, but the submitter will not see many changes.  Internally, the IOR will now go to the process owner who can make changes instead of the submitter’s supervisor.

Out stations have trained personnel “CRO’s” to address passengers with disabilities.  Always ask for a CRO when questions arise, and never deny boarding to anyone under the ADA.  Alert the Captain and have him/her call for a CRO.

ERJ Cabin Noise:  A complaint was received concerning noise in the cabin of 31 ERJ’s. The initial investigation found 11 of the 31 aircrafts were no longer on the ExpressJet certificate.  Corporate Safety alongside a 3rd party industrial hygienist monitored several flight attendants on 10 aircrafts and found two aircrafts had noise levels above the minimum standards as published by OSHA.  Findings during the maintenance inspection discovered security seals adhered to and wrapped around the service door seal, increased the noise levels during flight.  ExpressJet has communicated this finding to United to ensure employees are properly removing these seals prior to flight. Corporate Safety is also working with Engineering to perform additional analysis on the ERJ fleet to isolate other opportunities to reduce noise to acceptable levels, to include the door seals. The company will communicate additional information once this analysis has been completed and a comprehensive preventative action plan has been developed. MX continues to inspect, repair and replace seals per the AMM guidance. Please report any noise concerns to the Captain so that it can be addressed in a timely manner.

Corporate Safety is also conducting noise sampling on the modified CR700 aircraft to determine what levels of noise flight attendants are being exposed to while onboard the aircraft. Further communications will be shared once these studies are completed. Safety concerns should continue to be reported through ASAP and IOR so the company can take action to mitigate risk to the lowest possible levels.  Please email me any SAFETY or Compliance concerns you have.

It was reported through ASAP that a First Officer closed the MCD before the flight attendant had secured the cabin.  Bags weren’t secured and the bins were still open, resulting in a FAR violation.  I reached out to the Pilot Union (ALPA) to remind them of Flight Attendants responsibilities before closing the MCD.

Fatigue Committee:  The IAM has now joined the Fatigue Committee.  Two (2) members of the Flight Safety Team were appointed to address and participate in the Fatigue Program on each type of Aircraft.  There has been heavy participation in the CRJ and up ticking in the ERJ.  Fifty (50) reports were filed so far this year and per Corporate Safety, very positive dialog is taking place with Union participation focusing on the drivers and root causes.  The main cause of non-admittance, has been untimely reports so please read the rules for submission on the ExpressJet Safety page.

In the upcoming months, FRC members will get more education and risk rating for fatigue.  Fatigue is a personal issue and may not necessarily be an entire crew issue.  They will match up the fatigue calls as much as possible.

C-loft was relaunched in March:  Manuals and announcements were the top non-compliance issues.  Please make sure your bulletins and revisions are correct and signed.  Read announcements if you do not have them memorized.   Always remember: if you talk, you walk.



Sharon Moss-Bonner

                Flight Safety Coordinator               



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Updated: April 25, 2016 — 1:52 pm
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