ExpressJet Jumpseat Tracking Form Clarification

Several questions have been raised regarding the jumpseat tracking form that was sent out yesterday. First, all United flights should be tracked with the form provided, not just s-CAL flight.  Also, you don’t need to actually request the jumpseat in order to fill out the form. We are not currently allowed to occupy the jumpseat, so all we need is the details of the flight and the consequences of you missing the flight. In addition, the gate agent’s name and signature is not required, nor is any information mandatory on the form. Please fill out as much of the requested information as possible; the more details we have the more effective we can be with this tracking system.  If you have any more questions regarding this system please email Cori Horowitz

Thank you again for your participation and standing together in solidarity for equal treatment.

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Updated: June 20, 2015 — 3:15 pm
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