***Please take notice, there was a typo on this posting.  The CRJ 900 phasing out begins Oct 2017 not Oct 2018.  We apologize for the miscomunication.  See revision below:***

Yesterday, as we attended the Town Hall meeting and met separately with Vice President of Inflight, Brandee Reynolds regarding some specific concerns, we wanted to pass along some important information to you. We are still working with the Company to assess the staffing needs moving forward and working to protect your contractual rights.  Please see the details below from our meetings today:

CRJ Fleet Details
*subject to change due to needs of mainline partners

  • 10 FAs needed per 2 FA aircraft for staffing purposes
  • Losing all CRJ 200s by Nov 2017
  • Losing all CRJ 900s (28) by April 2018
    • Phase out begins in October 2017 at a rate of 4 aircrafts/month
    • Will reduce affected base(s) by 40 FAs per month
  • Losing CRJ 700s (3) owned by Delta beginning May 2018
  • CRJ 700’s (8) going to AA (DFW) beginning April 2018
  • 22 remaining CRJ 700’s owned by XJT
    • UAL and AA have shown interest in CPAs on these aircrafts
    • Ideally these would transition to another mainline partner as they are taken out of service for the Delta operation.
  • Company will be offering TOWOP and time off through part time program.
  • Company hope to not furlough until the final base (LGA) is closed for DAL operations

Chronological Order of Base Reductions

  1. ATL
  2. DTW
  3. LGA

Chronological Order of Base Closures

  1. DTW
  2. ATL
  3. LGA


ERJ Fleet Details

  • Maintain the same 126 ERJs for 5 years to operate for UAL
  • More profitable CPA than previous more punitive CPA w/UAL

 ALPA Agreement
ALPA had been in talks with the Company regarding a crossover agreement due to the pilot shortage on the ERJ operation and what was anticipated to be CRJ pilot over staffing situation as the CRJ 200s came out of service. As the talks progressed the information regarding the Delta operation take down came to light and they were able to reach an agreement. The IAM is looking forward to discussions with the Company regarding how to best protect our membership.

 Poor Performance on Delta Operation
Richard Anderson made strong criticisms of XJT performance prior to leaving Delta and have been experiencing poor performance due to a many issues but Inflight had extremely minimal impact on poor operations performance.

At this time the Company has no plans to move headquarters from ATL, however the offices at Hartsfield Center will be moved into A-Tech when the lease expires in July 2018.

There is a Company offer going out to all XJT employees (except pilots) for enhanced retirement 


Must retire by August 21, 2017 in order to receive enhancements:

  • 2 months of medical, dental, vision insurance provided, then COBRA up to 18 months
  • 8 weeks of base pay (80 hours/month for ERJ & 75 hours/month CRJ)

UAL Eligibility Requirements                          DAL Eligibility Requirements
10 years of service                                             10 years of service
55 years of age                                                   52 years of age

20 years of service                                             25 years of service
45 years of age                                                   No age requirement


All XJT retirees would only have DAL pass travel until Sept 2020.


We are looking forward to continuing to meet with the Company on your behalf and providing you with more details regarding the future of ExpressJet.

Stay strong and stand together.


In Solidarity,


Sara Gonzales                                                 Marche’ Johnson-Cooper
GENERAL CHAIR                                        SPECIAL REPRESENTATIVE


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