ExpressJet: The Truth About FITE Reps – WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING

On numerous occasions recently, the Company has mandated, per section 3.M.2 of the IAM-XJT CBA and section 21.A.1-2 of the AFA-ASA CBA, that the IAM remove materials from our bulletin boards because certain people found those pieces to be offensive or insensitive.  As a result, the IAM removed such pieces, and found even more members disappointed that these sort of communications had not come out sooner to shine light on what has transpired across our locals in recent years.  With that said, we have been asked to clarify a few things for those who may not be aware.

Within LL2339H, certain officers were brought up on charges under the IAM Constitution, specifically Article 7 and Article L.  Those officers, who were previously in Executive Board positions, were then given a fair and neutral trial under the procedures set forth in the IAM Constitution, and were subsequently found guilty of misappropriation of funds or theft of Union property.  Your Union dues and your Union property.  For more information, please reference the communication piece two weeks ago titled, Peddlers.”

In addition to being removed from office by the IAM, the Department of Labor also launched an investigation into the misappropriation of our dues money by the disgraced former representatives.  To our knowledge that investigation is ongoing and could result in criminal charges being filed against those who are now asking you to sign a card.

In conversations, some flight attendants have stated that they were sure, without a doubt, that their “friends” could not have been involved in this malfeasance.  Sadly, we have had to tell our co-workers the disappointing truth about these former representatives who now want to destroy our Union and replace it with a fictional organization that they created that has no resources.

As your Union, and as your current officers, we want you to know that we are sorry for the actions of these corrupt former representatives.  The truth is, the moment we had knowledge of any alleged wrongdoing, the IAM investigated, acted and then provided the defendants a fair process under our Constitution.  All this was done to protect your Union dues money and your property.

Ask those who are trying to sell us their made up, fictional organization with no resources, why they are no longer IAM representatives.  Ask them why they were brought up on charges.  Ask them if they were found guilty and banned from holding IAM office.

Remember, there are always three sides to every truth.  Facebook can be incredible, and it can also be the creator of hate and misinformation.  Please, ask your Union representatives any questions you may have and you will receive credible information.
Fast facts:

  1. The number of years the IAM has been alive and striving.wolves-in-sheeps-clothing

625,000+. The number of active and retired IAM members.

100,000+. The number of IAM airline workers, making our union largest aviation union in the world.

0.  The number of members this fictional group has.

$900. The amount of money they have in their GoFundMe account.

50%. The number of their founders who quit, lost an election, or have been banned from the IAM due to misappropriation of your dues money and theft of our Union property.

No organization, leader, or person is perfect.  However, we are certain that we have one strong and unified team fighting everyday for our membership.

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In Solidarity,

Sara Gonzales                             Melissa Brennan                      Marche’ Johnson-Cooper



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Updated: November 11, 2016 — 2:11 pm
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