Last week I met with ExpressJet COO Alex Marren along with Brandee Reynolds, Vice President of Inflight and Kevin Wade, Vice President of Finance.  This meeting was a general overview of where ExpressJet stands within the regional industry and with our mainline partners.

Much of our discussion was focused on our drastic improvements in performance and what a huge role Inflight plays in that excellent performance.  Some of the attributes I mentioned to the Company that gave flight attendants the tools to perform successfully were highly improved staffing models and hotel vendors in comparison with a year ago.  It was noted repeatedly by the Company that consistent high performance will help lead us to additional future contracts with our mainline partners and can lead to potential growth.

In an effort to continue our improved performance the Company noted they will be researching delays and their root causes.  They may be contacting flight attendants in order to gain more information on a particular delay.  This research is not to accuse flight attendants of any wrong doing but to utilize flight attendants as their eyes and ears out on the front lines.  However, if you are called in to speak with management, as always please bring a union representative with you.

Of course base closures were brought up as well and the Company reiterated the base closures were inevitable and a necessity in order to ensure the future success of ExpressJet.  However, as of last week there are no other anticipated base closures on the horizon.

We appreciate the flow of communication from management and look forward to continued open dialogue.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at
In Solidarity,

Sara Gonzales



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Updated: April 28, 2015 — 7:51 am
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