ExpressJet Weekly Report  June 17, 2015


Your negotiations committee will be meeting in Atlanta, GA July 21-23 to continue mediated negotiations for a Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement for ExpressJet flight attendants.  We will be sending a negotiations update out as soon as those talks have concluded.

Bridge the Gap

We had a very successful event on Tuesday the 16th in coordination with AFA-CWA to “Bridge the Gap” between the treatment of regional flight attendants vs. mainline flight attendants.  We had IAM flight attendants from both CommutAir and ExpressJet doing informational picketing at IAD, LAX, ORD and LGA.

While ExpressJet has some of the regional airlines’ best contracts, overall regionals earn 40% less than their counterparts at mainline carriers.  Bridge the Gap means ending discriminatory wage policies in aviation.  Our goal is to raise awareness of the wage inequality that exists in aviation.

This was just a kick-off event and we will have more ways for you to get involved in the future.  We do the same job, we want the same pay.

Weather Related Violations

Keep in mind that the severe weather we were experiencing this week does not negate our contractual rights.  If you experienced any contractual violations such as duty days in excess of what the CBA allows or 1/7 violations please contact your union representative as soon as possible.

Hotel Issues

Many members were stuck without a hotel during these weather events and while this Winter has been a vast improvement from last year, it is never acceptable for a crew member to be without a hotel.  If this happened to you please contact your grievance representative to investigate if a violation occurred.  Our hotel committee will be working with our vendor API and the Company to find ways of avoiding these issues in the future and will advise you of our progress.


Grievance Update

Unfortunately due to the weather events we had to reschedule the ERJ Step 2 grievances but we are now scheduled to hear 11 grievances at Step 2 on June 18th, this includes 1 from IAH, 3 from ORD, 3 from EWR and 4 from CLE.

As you know we have several outstanding grievances that have been appealed to arbitration.  We are currently  reviewing all outstanding ERJ grievances to perhaps achieve settlement or identify cases, which there is obviously no possibility for settlement outside of arbitration.  At our Step 2 grievance hearing on June 18th we plan to coordinate a date for such a review session with the Company to conduct this review.

However, we have requested that the grievance regarding positive space for displaced flight attendants and the grievance regarding Sked+ blocking line holders from automated trades once they read a false 1/7 violation (recognizing only a calendar day instead of 24 hours off in domicile) be pushed to arbitration as soon as possible because we have exhausted all possibilities for settlement without avail.

Commuter Clause

Please be aware for utilizing the Commuter Clause on United you must be listed for two flights that are scheduled to land at least 1 hour prior to your show time for line holders or the time your on-call period begins for reserves.  You must have the screenshot or printout showing seats were available at the time you listed and two boarding passes printed at the airport.  If you are based in DFW you may utilize your American travel benefits but only need two show the two boarding cards printed at the airport.

Severe Weather Ground Commuting

If you are unable to report to work due to hazardous or impassable roads resulting from severe weather you are protected under Section 3.W.2.b. of the ERJ CBA.

Please provide as much documentation as possible to show the hazardous or closed roads in your area, such as news reports or pictures and give as much notice to the Company as possible while keeping in touch with your grievance representatives.


98 Block Hours/120 Credit Hours Max

We had several outstanding grievances regarding 98 block/120 credit hour max for PBS and as a part of the settlement we have achieved with the Company, you will be seeing a waiver when you submit your PBS bid which will indicate if you would like to fly above 98 block or 120 credit hours.  This will enable those who prefer to fly high time to still have that ability but won’t force people who don’t want to fly high time into a line with such high time.

Grievance Update

We have setup a grievance meeting for all of the grievance representatives in ATL on July 16th.

Just an update for the most recent months, one ATL grievance was sent to the District for appeal in April and has been appealed to grievance mediation.  No CRJ grievances were submitted for appeal in May and in June so far there is one ATL grievance that is in the process of being submitted for appeal to mediation.  Grievance mediation is still scheduled to be held in Atlanta on August 5th and 6th.

 Natural Disaster Language

Please keep in mind according to the CRJ CBA you are protected under Section 28.O. the Company is obligated to work with you for the purposes of removing him/her from scheduled duty if your home/domicile is involved in a natural disaster.  A natural disaster is a natural event such as a flood, hurricane or earthquake that causes great damage.  Each situation is evaluated on a case by case basis for attendance policy applicability.

Please provide as much documentation as possible to show the hazardous or closed roads in your area, such as news reports or pictures and give as much notice to the Company as possible while keeping in touch with your grievance representatives.



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Updated: June 17, 2015 — 9:30 pm
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