ExpressJet Weekly Update 10/18/15

Negotiationscontract_negotiationsGeneral Chairperson Sara Gonzales along with Special Representatives Marche Johnson-Cooper and Melissa Brennan have a meeting scheduled for October 23rd with ExpressJet Chief Operating Officer, Terry Vais and plan to address the slow pace we have experienced in negotiations since the Company filed for mediation a year ago.

We have not received a further update from the National Mediation Board regarding new meeting dates since the September negotiations session was canceled due to our assigned mediator being on medical leave. We will update you as soon as we receive more information.

Coalition of Flight Attendant Unions Meeting

The IAM was honored to host the Coalition of Flight Attendants meeting that took place October 14, 2015 at the IAM National Pension Fund offices in Washington, D.C.   In attendance for the IAM were Legislative Director Hasan Solomon, General Chairperson Sara Gonzales, Special Representatives Marche Johnson-Cooper and Melissa Brennan, 2339A President Marvin Moon, 2339O President Cori Horowitz, 2339H President Nancie Craft and Flight Health and Safety Director, Stephanie Starks.  The meeting addressed issues that affect all flight attendants.  Some of the agenda items included FAA Reauthorization including a 10-hour rest rule and fatigue language for flight attendants, Federal charges for those who assault any airline worker and a permanent ban against knives on planes.  We also discussed the Katco Bill, ATC Privatization, the pending NAI application with the DOT, continuing to not have access to cell phone calls on aircrafts and support for the Excise Tax Repeal Bill.  All of these Legislative issues have a great impact on our daily lives and at this meeting we had discussion and developed strategies to pool our efforts to make sure our members are protected.

IAM Transportation Members Come Out in Force for Hillary Clinton in San Antonio

hillary satOff the heels of her very strong debate performance Wednesday night, Hillary Clinton came to San Antonio, Texas yesterday and met with more than 50 IAM Transportation Department members including nine ExpressJet Flight Attendants for the Latinos for Hillary Rally.

IAM Transportation members from all over the country descended upon Texas from as far away as Newark, NJ, with healthy contingents from all three Transportation Districts, 19,141 and 142. All IAM members showed their support for honorary IAM member and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“I thank all our members for taking the time to attend this important campaign event,” said General Vice President Sito Pantoja. “IAM members always make a difference in who becomes the next U.S. President because we mobilize and do the necessary ground work that wins elections.”

As Secretary Clinton approached a large group of IAM members, she noticed her sisters and brothers and said, “I love the Machinists!”

The Latinos for Hillary event was focused on strengthening the already strong support Clinton has garnered from Latinos. The Latino population is a critically important voting bloc, one that could possibly sway both the race for the Democratic party’s nomination and the general election.

The IAM, with over 600,000 active and retired members, was among the first major unions to throw its support behind Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid.

Click here to find out why the IAM endorsed Hillary Clinton


Grievance Update

grievanceThis week we had one grievance filed in DFW, and two ATL grievances were settled amicably. Three ATL grievances have been appealed to Grievance Mediation.

Unfortunately, on October 14, 2015 our mediator received the budget for the “CR” (continuous resolution) period October 1 through December 11, 2015. The budget came in lower than expected and he has requested we postpone our Grievance Mediation that had previously been scheduled for Dec 1st and 2nd until next quarter, which begins January 18, 2016. Marche’ Johnson-Cooper, CRJ Special Representative, is trying to secure an earlier date if one becomes available.


Grievance Update

grievanceThis week three grievances were received from EWR for appeal at Step 2. The base breakdown for pending Step 2 grievances is as follows:




Grievance mediation is scheduled for November 12-13, 2015, which we will address outstanding grievances, most of which have been appealed to arbitration.

The following arbitrators have been selected for cases pending arbitration:

General Grievance 40 Et Al (regarding Catering and Cleaning) Vernon

02124 Long Et Al (regarding false 1/7 violations preventing trip trading) Helburn

In addition to these Et Al grievances, there is a termination grievance, which has also had an arbitrator selected.  We are very close to confirming dates for these arbitrations as well and will update you as soon as we have the dates finalized.

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