ExpressJet Weekly Update 10/26/15


negotiations.fistWe have addressed the slow pace we have experienced in negotiations since the Company filed for mediation a year ago and the Company will be in communication with the mediator to explore options of meeting without the mediator present.

However, at this point we have not received any further updates from the National Mediation Board regarding new meeting dates since the September negotiations session was canceled due to our assigned mediator being on medical leave.  We will update you as soon as we receive more information.


Meeting with XJT COO

General Chairperson Sara Gonzales along with Special Representatives Marche Johnson-Cooper and Melissa Brennan met with ExpressJet Chief Operating Officer, Terry Vais  and Vice President of Inflight, Brandee Reynolds on October 23rd.  In addition to negotiations, we also addressed payroll audit adjustments, catering and cleaning on the UAX operation, and outstanding arbitrations including positive space.  The Company also provided a general financial update which has improved drastically in the last year, however still has room for improvement.  We have committed to continuing to meet to address our issues on a regular monthly basis.   There were several solutions proposed and we will be following up at our next meeting.



CRJ Open enrollment and Vacation Bid

benefitsPlease don’t forget open enrollment for health benefits and vacation bids close October 31



Grievance Update

grievancePlease take the time to make an appointment with your CFA to purge your personnel file and how many attendance occurrences you have.

Per Section 28 General,

  1.  Personnel file
  2. Upon reasonable request, a Flight Attendant may inspect her/his personnel file and attendance records.
  3. A Flight Attendant will be notified at the time any critical or unfavorable material is placed in her/his file, and, upon request, will be given a copy. The Flight Attendant will have an opportunity to review the critical or unfavorable material with her/his Chief Flight Attendant and provide her/his comments, in writing. The Chief Flight Attendant may remove the critical or unfavorable material from the Flight Attendant’s file following such meeting.
  4. A Flight Attendant may submit a written request to the Vice President Inflight Services or her/his designee, for the removal of anything of a derogatory nature contained in her/his file longer than twenty-four (24) months. The Company will remove such item(s) from the file no later than thirty (30) days after the Flight Attendant’s request. In no event will derogatory material in the file for longer than twenty-four (24) months be used to support discipline in the current case.



Job Shares

Please keep in mind when bidding for job shares that only lineholders are permitted to bid with lineholders and reserves with reserves according to the following CBA language:

Section 20.B. Either 2 active lineholders or 2 active reserves who are assigned to the same domicile and who desire to share a line may bid for such jobshare flying. 

Whether you are a lineholder or reserve is dictated by your seniority the month prior to the job share award.  Also, keep in mind relief lineholders are considered lineholders, not reserves.

Grievance Update

grievanceThis week five grievances were received from ORD for appeal at Step 2.  The base breakdown for pending Step 2 grievances are as follows:




Grievance mediation is scheduled for November 12-13, 2015, which we will address outstanding grievances, most of which have already been appealed to arbitration.


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