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Hotel Issues
We have received reports of members waiting extended periods for hotels and/or pilots
receiving hotels before Flight Attendants. If you’re experiencing hotel issues please contact a grievance representative as soon as possible, particularly if it extends you into an illegal duty day. In addition, please email so that our IAM Hotel Committee is aware of the issue and can not only assist you but also track these issues and work with the Company to find long-term solutions.
Social Media
social mediaThere has been an uptick in Social Media violations, which can result in disciplinary action. Please ensure you are familiar with the Company’s Social Media Policy. We encourage you to refrain from speaking about passengers and coworkers without their permission on Social Media. If you would like to refresh yourself on Social Media Policy please go to>Navigation>People>Employee Handbook>pg 38. If you have any questions, as always reach out to a grievance representative.



Negotiations Update
Your IAM joint contract negotiations committee met from Monday, June 27, 2016 and continued through Thursday, June 30, 2016 in Denver, Colorado.
Your committee exchanged proposals with the Company on the following Sections:

Section 5 Travel Expenses – After several exchanges and many discussions at the table we are very close to finalizing the outstanding issue related to per diem in an effort to reach a tentative agreement.

Section 11 Leaves of Absences – This section of the contract contains very important language and is effected by other sections of the contract, which makes negotiation very complex. It is also one of the largest sections of the contract.

In addition, your committee spent substantial time researching bidding systems and their potential affect on quality of life for our members.

Due to scheduling conflicts the mediator has cancelled our July session. However, we have discussed dates for August and September with the mediator and the Company. Once dates are finalized, they will be communicated to the membership.

Negotiations updates can be accessed at: or on the IAM ExpressJet App which can be downloaded by searching IAMAW on your App or Google Play store.

submitted by Marche’ Johnson-Cooper

There were no appeals to Grievance Mediation this week.


ERJ Short Staffing
submitted by Sara Gonzales

As we are all aware, this summer has brought on significant staffing issues. We are happy to welcome a class of 13 ERJ new hires online this month, however we have been continuing to address staffing concerns with the Company and they anticipate a much larger class to begin in August, which should alleviate some of the issues brought on by short staffing.

ARC After Pairings
submitted by Sara Gonzales
Many reserves have been assigned ARC at the completion of their pairing, which is not prohibited by the contract, but does not come without concern. Please communicate with payroll to ensure you’re being paid correctly and keep your grievance reps in the loop as well.

Also, if you are assigned ARC right up to a 13:30 duty day please let your grievance representative know immediately. This is an issue we addressed with Scheduling and while not technically a contract violation, they have agreed that in addition to it being excessive to assign ARC right up to the max duty day mark, it is also counter productive to the operation.

Step 2 Grievances
submitted by Sara Gonzales

grievanceAll pending Step 2 grievances were heard in Houston, Texas on July 12, 2016.

The next Grievance Mediation session is scheduled to be held for both CRJ and ERJ August 2-4, 2016.


Upcoming Local Lodge Meeting

2339N (EWR)
EWR Embassy Suites
95 Glimcher Realty Way, Elizabeth, NJ 07201
Tuesday, September 13, 2016 1pm
**please note the new meeting time**
transportation provided from EWR P-4


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