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Social Media Policy Infractions
submitted by Sara Gonzales

social mediaThere have been many disciplinary meetings setup system-wide on both the ERJ and CRJ sides of the operation regarding Social Media Policy infraction allegations.  Please keep in mind you are entitled to union representation in any disciplinary meetings.  In addition, while Social Media groups, posts or messages may have “secret” privacy settings, nothing on Social Media is truly private or secret.  Please be familiar with the Social Media Policy and if you have any questions contact your union representative.


Negotiations Update
contract_negotiationsYour IAM joint contract negotiations committee will meet from Monday, August 22, 2016 and continue through Thursday, August 26, 2016 in St Louis, MO.


submitted by Marche’ Johnson-Cooper

 Commuter Clause
faIt has been brought to the Unions attention that Inflight is informing Flight Attendants that once the commuter clause has been invoked, you are required to notify your CFA.  Per the CRJ CBA, LOA #1.3.d., it is required that Flight Attendants notify Crew Scheduling.  There have been coding issues and Flight Attendants have received a miscellaneous occurrence versus the Company using the commuter clause code.  If you are a commuter and this has happened to you, email your CFA and cc your Grievance Representative, include on the subject line Commuter Clause Coding.  You will need to provide dates you have used your commuter clause as this will ensure each time you have invoked the commuter clause, it has been coded properly.  Please don’t hesitate to contact a Grievance Representative if you have any questions.

  • If a commuting Flight Attendant anticipates she/he will not arrive at her/his domicile in sufficient time to report for her/his assignment because of a delay or cancellation of her/his commuting flight(s) or because of the unavailability of a seat on her/his commuting flight(s), she/he will notify Crew Scheduling as soon as possible. The Flight Attendant must specifically inform the Crew Scheduler that she/he is invoking the commuting Flight Attendant policy. The commuting Flight Attendant will, upon request, provide the Crew Scheduler with the carrier, flight number and departure time of her/his commuting flight(s). The commuting Flight Attendant will then make every effort to report to her/his assignment location as soon as practicable unless directed otherwise by Crew Scheduling.


This week there were 3 Grievances submitted to Grievance Mediation.



 Step 2 Grievances
submitted by Sara Gonzales

grievanceThere were two Step 2 grievances appealed this week.  The following is a base breakdown of the pending Step 2 grievances:




The next Grievance Mediation session is being held for both CRJ and ERJ Nov 28 & 29, 2016.


Upcoming Local Lodge Meeting

EWR Embassy Suites
95 Glimcher Realty Way, Elizabeth, NJ 07201
Tuesday, September 13, 2016 1pm
**please note the new meeting time**
transportation provided from EWR P-4


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