ExpressJet Weekly Update 8.5.15


Your IAM joint contract negotiations committee met from Monday, July 20, 2015 and continued through Thursday, July 23, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Proposals were passed on the following Sections:

Section 5 Travel Expenses

Section 6 Training

Section 9 Sick Leave

Section 11 Leaves of Absences

Section 23 General

We expected much more progress to be made on these Sections, unfortunately due to inaction on the Company’s part that was not possible.   In addition, vast division remains on several key issues contained within these Sections.

In Section 11 Leaves of Absence, one of the most extensive sections in the CBA, we focused on sick and vacation accruals, along with medical benefits while on different types of leaves.  Section 5 Travel Expenses has very few open items but those contain substantial differences.  We were able to resolve most issues in Section 6, Training.  Section 9 Sick Leave has been whittled down to just a few open items as well but some of those items have the potential to greatly impact the membership, which is not being taken lightly.  Section 23 General, encompasses many different topics such as out of base parking, commuter clause policy and jumpseating.  We are aware that these issues will affect the day-to-day quality of life of our members, so we are continuing to fight hard to protect your rights.

We remain determined to achieve an industry leading agreement, while the Company has shown that it is their intent to negotiate a subpar agreement.  Your negotiations committee is unified in our resolve to bringing our membership a contract that they deserve, as safety professionals.

Negotiations will continue on September 14 through September 17, 2015 in Houston, Texas.

The dedicated website for negotiations can be accessed at:

E-Cigarette Safety Concern

This week we received an account describing a safety concern involving e-cigarettes. Keep in mind that there are not sufficient details to assess either the factual accuracy or possible gravity of the report. However, we would like to relay the reported information to our members to be on the alert for similar safety concerns. We feel you should be aware of the following:

Recently the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) received a report from a Flight Attendant expressing concern about the potential fire hazard associated with e-cigarettes. Reporter became concerned when noticing a passenger in the terminal dealing with a smoldering e-cigarette in her purse after she got off her flight. Passenger reportedly stated the safety was off on the e-cigarette and it had generated enough heat to melt several items in her purse.

If you have a safety concern you would like to report through the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) please click here:



RGT Training

The Union is aware that some Flight Attendants have been told that they have to non-rev to and from RGT Training. This is a violation of our contract, if you have been denied a Deadhead to or from RGT training, please contact your Grievance Representatives.

Section 10 Training

  1. General
  2. A Flight Attendant who is required to leave her/his domicile for training will be entitled to the provisions of Section 6, Travel Expenses and scheduled deadhead time.
  3. A Flight Attendant required to deadhead to or from training will be notified of her/his travel information electronically.

Flight Attendant Check Rides

The company has been conducting unannounced check rides which can result in discipline. If you have received a meeting notice please email your CFA and ask “can anything discussed in the meeting lead to discipline?” If the answer isn’t NO”, let them know you want Union Representation and would like to schedule the meeting when they are availbale. We encourage all Flight Attendants to follow your contract and Company policy and procedures. If you have any questions, please contact your grievance representative.

Grievance Update

Several Flight Attendants with the help of the Union were able to resolve matters prior to filing a grievance. However, there were 2 grievances filed in ATL.

Grievance mediation was on August 5 and August 6, 2015, General Chairperson, Sara Gonzales and Special Representative Marche’ Johnson-Cooper, represented the Union, while the Director of Inflight, Manager of Legal Services, Manager of Contract Administration & Operational Compliance and Manager of Inflight Services represented the Company. The following was the result of Grievance Mediation; One settlement in the favor of the grievant.  settlement for ET. Al, grievance 1322 (we are working on the language for this settlement), FMLA violations, three grievances had no settlement offer, one grievance held in abeyance, one will submitted to arbitration.


Contractual Right to Bottled Water

We recently had a grievance regarding water being provided to ARCs in MCI.  Keep in mind every flight attendant is guaranteed to right to have a one-liter bottle of water each duty period under the following CBA language:

Section 3.Q.4. The Company shall provide a minimum of a liter of bottle water each duty period. 

If you are not provided your bottled water in accordance with the CBA please contact a grievance representative as soon as possible.

Grievance Update

Currently, there are four grievances that have been appealed to Step 2 and are pending a Step 2 hearing.  These grievances are scheduled to be heard August 20th, in Houston, Texas.  In attendance will be General Chairperson, Sara Gonzales and Special Representative, Melissa Brennan for the Union along with the Director of Inflight and Manager of Contract Administration representing the Company.

We are also in the process of scheduling a follow up meeting on the grievances that have been appealed to arbitration.   In addition, we have scheduled a meeting with the National Mediation Board appointed mediator to review outstanding ERJ grievances on September 29th in Houston, Texas and our first grievance mediation session is scheduled December 1st – 2nd.


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