ExpressJet Weekly Update 9/12/15


Unfortunately, we received word from the National Mediation Board on Friday that our NMB appointed Mediator, Jack Kane is now out on a medical leave and his September meetings, which included our scheduled negotiations session, have been canceled.  We would like to meet and continue our negotiations as soon as possible and plan to make our IAM committee as available as possible to do so.  We will update you once we receive rescheduled dates from the mediator.


 Commuter Clause/Conscientious Reporting

There is no time limitation for providing screen shots with boarding totals.  If your commuter clause or conscientious reporting incident was denied due to your boarding totals screen shot being taken “too early” please contact a grievance representative as soon as possible.

Also, if you are using the commuter clause please keep in mind the following language from Section 3.W.5. of the CBA:

Upon notification to Crew Scheduling, the flight attendant shall be subject to assignment at the discretion of Crew Scheduling as follows:

  • She/he may be directed to report to her/his original trip or to a portion of the original trip, joining it at a later point; or 

  • She/he may be assigned a substitute trip scheduled to fly on the same days as the original trip; or 

  • She/he may be assigned a substitute trip which begins on any day following the start of the original trip, so long as the substitute trip terminates on the same day as the original trip; or 

  • She/he may be assigned Airport Alert duty in her/his domicile on any day or consecutive days contained in the original trip; or 

  • She/he may be given any other substitute assignment which is mutually agreeable to the flight attendant and Crew Scheduling.


Grievance Update

This week six additional grievances were received and appealed to Step 2 of the grievance process.  All outstanding Step 2 grievances, which were scheduled for September 14th, have been rescheduled to September 16th due to travel difficulties. The base breakdown for Step 2 grievances pending a hearing is as follows:






The previously scheduled meeting on September 29th & 30th with the National Mediation Board appointed mediator, Jim Mackenzie to review outstanding ERJ grievances is currently being rescheduled to October due to scheduling conflicts mediator. Once we confirm a date for the rescheduled meeting we will pass that information along.  Our first official grievance mediation session is still scheduled December 1st – 2nd.


Traveling While on Any Medical Leave of Absence

Please be aware of the company pass travel restrictions while you are on any medical leave of absence.  Management must preapprove pass privilege travel while on any medical leave.  Restrictions can be found both at the end of Section 14 of our CBA and online at > Travel > Travel Home.  “…non-revenue or reduced rate travel on Delta, United and/or any other airlines is not permitted when an employee is absent from work unexcused or without notice, or absent due to illness.

Violations of such policies may result in disciplinary action up to and including pass suspension or termination of employment.

Duty Day Violations

If you receive a pairing scheduled for more than 14 hours, this is a violation of the CRJ contract. Please contact your grievance representative immediately.

9.B.3. A duty period will not be scheduled to exceed fourteen (14) hours. Actual duty periods will not exceed sixteen (16) hours (“actual duty limit”). A Flight Attendant may volunteer to complete a flight that would cause her/him to exceed the actual duty limit. A Flight Attendant who does not want to voluntarily exceed the actual duty limit will notify the Company as early as possible, particularly considering the Company’s opportunity to replace the Flight Attendant, and she/he will be placed into rest so as not to exceed the actual duty limit.

9.B.4.a. When deadheading on the last leg(s) of a trip in order to return a Flight Attendant to the domicile on an unscheduled basis (i.e., the deadhead(s) was not part of the original trip), her/his duty period will end at block out of the deadhead flight, and her/his rest period will begin fifteen (15) minutes after block in at the domicile. This provision may be used only if the deadhead flight(s) would cause the Flight Attendant to exceed the on-duty limitations of this Agreement.

9.B.4.bTo accommodate a deadhead to/from training, a Flight Attendant may be scheduled to exceed the on-duty limitations in this Agreement.

9.B.4.c. All other deadhead time will be considered duty time for purposes of on-duty limitation.

Grievance Update

This week we had two grievances received for appeal to Grievance Mediation/System Board.  Grievance Mediation is scheduled for December 1st and 2nd.





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