ExpressJet Weekly Update 9/19/15





Unfortunately, we received word from the National Mediation Board on Friday that our NMB appointed Mediator, Jack Kane is now out on a medical leave and his September meetings, which included our scheduled negotiations session, have been canceled.  We would like to meet and continue our negotiations as soon as possible and plan to make our IAM committee as available as possible to do so.  We will update you once we receive rescheduled dates from the mediator.


Mobile Check-In

mobile.checkinAfter numerous in-depth meetings with the Company, explaining in clear detail why Mobile Check-In is a tool our members not only deserve but can personally benefit from at no cost, it will now be implemented ‪starting this Monday, September 21s.  We stood our ground with the support of the membership and were successful.  

Our performance results have proven themselves and this is something that can be directly attributed to the hard work of our IAM Flight Attendants. In addition, our customer service scores have been on an upswing over the past weeks, resulting from less customer complaints and more customer compliments. This is something we should all be very proud of and the implementation of Mobile Check-In is a sign of much-needed appreciation from the Company.

Congratulations to each and every one of you, who put safety first and work day in and day out with the utmost professionalism. You are the reason our planes go out each day, safely and on-time.

Thank you for your tremendous support on this issue. Through solidarity we find victory!


Mold in the Galley



Please fill out an IOR and an ASAP report if you are finding mold in drawers or any area of the aircraft. Our safety committees are currently tracking this as a safety item.




Written Statements 


If the company calls you about an incident and asks that you provide a written statement please contact your local grievance representative prior to submitting anything in writing.  Your grievance representatives are trained to assist you in providing factual information to best represent yourself and relevant events.





Grievance Update


If you believe your contract has been violated, please reach out to a Grievance Representative immediately. Contractual guidelines are in place from the date the event gave rise to the grievance. A grievance concerning discipline has 21 days to be filed and contractual violations have 45 days to filed.

This week we have seven open grievances (five in ATL and two in DTW) which are waiting to be heard or waiting on a Company response. Three grievances (two in ATL and one in DFW) have been closed out prior to being submitted to Step 2 of the grievance process. Three grievances (two in DTW and one in ATL) have been submitted to Grievance Mediation/System Board of Adjustment. Grievance Mediation will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on December 1st and 2nd.


Grievance Update

grievanceThis week we heard a total of 14 grievances at Step 2.  In the case of five of those grievances they were settled amicably and the remaining are pending a response from the Company.  The base breakdown for those Step 2 grievances that were heard this week is as follows:






This week we also received one grievance to be appealed to Step 2 of the grievance process from DFW along with three grievances that we are expecting to be appealed to Step 2 shortly.

The previously scheduled meeting on September 29th & 30th with the National Mediation Board appointed mediator, Jim Mackenzie to review outstanding ERJ grievances is currently being rescheduled due to scheduling conflicts mediator. Once we confirm a date for the rescheduled meeting we will pass that information along.



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