ExpressJet Weekly Update 9/26/15


negotiations.fistSam Harmon has moved on to work in another department for the Company, so he will no longer be a part of the negotiation committee.  Since his departure left a vacancy, Marvin Moon has been appointed to the negotiation committee.  He is an ATL based grievance representative, President of 2339A and is in his 15th year as a flight attendant.

Marvin will join Romel Williams, Manny Rivero, Suzi Bahan, Cori Horowitz, Marche Johnson-Cooper along with General Chairperson Sara Gonzales on the committee.  The entire committee maintains their commitment to achieving an industry leading agreement for our IAM ExpressJet Flight Attendants and the addition of Marvin Moon will be a tremendous asset to the committee.

We have not received a further update from the National Mediation Board regarding new meeting dates since the September negotiations session was canceled due to our assigned mediator being on medical leave. We will update you as soon as we receive more information.
District Lodge 142 Convention

A total of 14 IAM flight attendants from were in attendance in Tempe, AZ this past week at the Air Transport District Lodge 142 Biennial Convention.  In addition to the elected delegates voting on proposed bylaw changes, we were provided with information about our benefits with Union Plus and heard Committee Reports from Flight Safety, Ground Safety, Education, Legislative and Women’s/Human Rights. We also had Committee Members who met and discussed the committees’ plans and improvements for the years to come.

10 Hours Rest For Flight Attendants


Your IAM Legislative Department along with IAM flight attendants from around the country have been lobbying Congress on your behalf to make sure the Flight Attendants will have the same 10 hour rest rules and fatigue language that pilots currently have included in the FAA Reauthorization Bill.

As Flight Attendants we are responsible for the safety and security of the flying public and increasing the likelihood and incidence of fatigue places the safety and security of our nation’s entire air transportation system at risk.

Congress has commissioned fatigue studies and now it’s time to take those studies finding and grant no less than 10 hours minimum rest for all crew members.

For more information click here.

To join us in this fight get your representatives’ contact info here and let them know you support 10 hours rest for Flight Attendants in the FAA Reauthorization Bill.


 Grievance Update


This week, we have 5 open grievances in ATL (waiting on Company response). A total of 5 grievances have been closed out (2 in ATL, 1 in DFW and 2 in DTW). There are 5 cases pending Grievance Mediation (2 ATL, 1 DFW and 2 in DTW).  Grievance Mediation will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on December 1st and 2nd.  We are waiting on dates to be selected for 2 cases pending arbitration.





Grievance Updategrievance

Last week we heard a total of 14 grievances at Step 2.  In the case of five of those grievances they were settled amicably and the remaining are pending a response from the Company.  In addition we have appealed one more grievance to Step 2 and two will be appealed to Step 2 next week. One more grievance from ORD is in the process of being submitted for appeal.  The base breakdown for those pending Step 2 grievances is as follows:



We are in the process of scheduling a date for the rescheduled grievance mediation meeting for November.  As soon as we confirm a date we will pass that information along.


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