ExpressJet Weekly Update 9/5/15


Unfortunately, we received word from the National Mediation Board on Friday that our NMB appointed Mediator, Jack Kane is now out on a medical leave and his September meetings, which included our scheduled negotiations session, have been canceled.  We would like to meet and continue our negotiations as soon as possible and plan to make our IAM committee as available as possible to do so.  We will update you once we receive rescheduled dates from the mediator.

 Mobile Check-In

Mobile Check-In has been a hot topic this week and there have been rumors spreading like wildfire.  Most, if not all of these rumors have no basis in fact.  We are not looking to trade off any of our current CRJ or ERJ contractual rights for a Mobile Check-In.  We also have no interest in negotiating PBS for the ERJ side or anything outside of our CBA for a Mobile Check-In option.

As we have already expressed to the Company for months now, ExpressJet flight attendants deserve a mobile check-in option to provide them with more convenience.  We are are standing hand-in-hand with you on this fight and will continue to look to the Company to recognize the excellence and hard work of our IAM flight attendants by providing them this tool, which will be at no cost to them.

We are safety professionals and first responders entrusted with the safety of tens of thousands of passengers every single day and we deserve to be treated with the same respect as pilots or any other member of the Company.  We fully support individual flight attendants addressing the issue with their chief or supervisor to let them know they think this is something we deserve.  Mobile Check-In is something the entire flight attendant group deserves.


If you are not sure how many occurrences you have, email your CFA or Supervisor and ask for your attendance record, once you have received a Termination Warning Letter, the next step would be Termination. We encourage you to be proactive in applying for FMLA if you have a qualifying condition. If you need help with FMLA process or are having a difficult time getting your FMLA approved, please contact your grievance representative, as we have many tools available to assist you.

Uniform Compliance

The Company is issuing discipline for uniform compliance infractions, the guidelines can be found on the Company website at Navigation>Inflight>Uniforms>2014 Uniform and Appearance Guide. If you have any questions, please contact your grievance representative.



CRJ Special Representative Marche’ Johnson-Cooper has been in constant contact with members of management to address the many issues that are affecting our members on a day to day basis i.e. pairings scheduled over 14 hours, MOU #12, rescheduling of Lineholder FA’s, many issues were resolved.

Three grievances have been filed in ATL and two in DTW. Two grievances from DFW have been appealed to Grievance Mediation, which will be heard in Houston, Texas.


Grievance Update

This week two additional grievances were received and appealed to Step 2 of the grievance process.  All outstanding Step 2 grievances are currently scheduled for September 14th in Houston, Texas. The base breakdown for Step 2 grievances pending a hearing is as follows:






The previously scheduled meeting on September 29th & 30th with the National Mediation Board appointed mediator, Jim Mackenzie to review outstanding ERJ grievances is currently being rescheduled to October due to scheduling conflicts mediator. Once we confirm a date for the rescheduled meeting we will pass that information along.  Our first official grievance mediation session is still scheduled December 1st – 2nd.



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Updated: September 5, 2015 — 7:25 pm
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