ExpressJet Weekly Update December 29, 2015

DFW/American Deadheads

If you have experienced not being positive spaced on a deadhead back to base at the end of your trip please contact your respective grievance representative.

CRJ-Romel Williams

ERJ-Mary Shank


IAM Disaster Relief

As you know severe weather has hit several states very hard in the past few days, including ORD and DFW.  We have hundreds of ExpressJet IAM members living in the areas who may have been affected or damaged.  As IAM members you have access to the IAM Disaster Relief Fund, which is funded from voluntary donations only.

If you are in need of disaster relief assistance please contact your Local Lodge President and they will guide you through the process.


2339H Local Lodge President Nancie Craft



2339O Local Lodge President Cori Horowitz



2339N Local Lodge President Carli Meneses



2339A Local Lodge President Marvin Moon


submitted by Marche’ Johnson-Cooper Special Representative


Please remember we have contractual language when you are canceled, rescheduled or extended.  Know your contractual rights and if you have questions please contact a grievance representative immediately.

R.  Company Scheduling Adjustments after Final Bid Awards

The Company may use the following rescheduling/reassignment, drafting and extension provisions when necessary to prevent cancellations, prevent or reduce delays or otherwise maintain the integrity of the schedule.

1. Reschedule/Reassignment and Extensions

  1. To protect the integrity of the schedule, the Company may reassign/reschedule a Regular Lineholder’s trip by adding or deleting flights or assigning the Flight Attendant to a different flight(s). A Regular Lineholder may also be extended through the involuntary assignment of additional flights provided the additional flights are scheduled to depart from the Lineholder’s domicile after her/his originally scheduled duty out time.  The reassigned/rescheduled/extended trip must be scheduled to operate on the same day(s) as the original trip(s), regardless of when the reassignment/reschedule/extension occurs or how many times the Flight Attendant is rescheduled/reassigned/extended, absent consent by the Flight Attendant to the contrary.  
  2.           The Flight Attendant may be required to report immediately for an assignment made during the assignment window. If an assignment is made during the assignment window that is scheduled to depart more than three (3) hours after the assignment has been made, the Flight Attendant will not be required to remain at the airport.

               If the Flight Attendant is not given an assignment during the assignment window, she/he will be released until her/his next assignment.

              A Flight Attendant will not be required to remain available at the airport for the purpose of accepting further assignment beyond her/his originally scheduled release time in her/his domicile.

    A Regular Lineholder will not be required to remain available at a domicile airport without an assignment beyond her/his assignment window of up to two (2) hours (five (5) hours during Irregular Operation (IROP) conditions) for the purpose of accepting further assignment. The assignment window will begin the later of:

    1.  Notification of rescheduling;
    2.  The last-block in; or
    3.  Report time.
  3. The Company will make reasonable attempts to notify a Flight Attendant in a timely manner of a known cancellation, reschedule or extension.
  4. A rescheduled/reassigned Flight Attendant will receive the greater of the pay and credit due for the originally scheduled trip or the pay and credit earned for the changed trip.
  5. For an extension, a Flight Attendant will be paid and credited at her/his applicable hourly rate times one hundred fifty percent (150%) for the actual or scheduled flight pay hours, whichever is greater, outside her/his original trip. The fifty percent (50%) premium shall be paid and credited above the Flight Attendant’s minimum monthly guarantee.
  6. A reassigned/rescheduled/extended trip must be constructed in accordance with the provisions of paragraph B., above.
  7. Changes to a Reserve’s trip shall not be considered to be reschedules/reassignments/ extensions and are not governed or limited by these provisions.  


2.  Cancellation Pay

  1. If a Regular Lineholder, including a Part-Time Flight Attendant, is involuntarily removed (for any reason other than her/his own illness, injury, leave of absence, retirement, suspension, termination or failure to report) from a trip or portion of a trip on her/his final bid award, or a trip or portion of a trip that she/he voluntarily picked up from Open Time, or was assigned as a result of drafting or trip extension, she/he will be credited with the greater of the scheduled block hours or actual time flown for that trip. This provision does not apply to time removed from a Regular Lineholder’s schedule because of labor disruption. If a premium pay factor as set forth in Section 5.H. (Drafting Pay), 5.K. (Trip Extension), or 5.L. (Voluntary Open Time) applies to the cancelled trip or trip portion, the premium will be included in the calculation and paid and credited as described in this paragraph. A Regular Lineholder who loses such time will be subject to reassignment consistent with this Agreement and may be placed on reserve on the day(s) of the affected trip, except that on the last day of a multi-day trip, the Flight Attendant will not be scheduled for a trip that extends more than three (3) hours beyond her/his originally scheduled duty period.
  2. A Regular Lineholder affected by the above provision may be offered to sit ready reserve on the day(s) of the affected trip, such assignment to be accepted or rejected at the Flight Attendant’s option. A Flight Attendant who sits ready reserve pursuant to this paragraph will be credited the ready reserve rate of four (4) hours in addition to the pay owed pursuant to paragraph a., above.
  3. If one (1) or more Regular Lineholders reporting for a trip that is cancelled are to be released at the discretion of the Company, the choice of who is to be released will be on a seniority basis from amongst such reporting Regular Lineholders.  

3.  Drafting

To protect the integrity of the schedule, the Company may draft a Flight Attendant to fly on her/his scheduled day(s) off.

The following order of assignment will be used.  However, the Company is not required to burn through its last Reserve prior to drafting.

  1.  Available Reserves in domicile;
  2. The most junior Flight Attendant available in domicile;
  3. Available out-of-domicile Reserves, if practical;
  4. The most junior Flight Attendant available at another domicile, if practical.


submitted by Sara Gonzales

 Scheduling/Hotel Issues Due to Weather

If you experienced an issue regarding receiving a hotel in a timely manner or having a duty day longer than the contractual maximum of 15.5 hours please contact your Local Lodge grievance representative asap.  You will be required to attempt resolution for any contractual violations with your supervisor.  We recommend that all attempts at resolution be done via email not MyMessages and your grievance representatives should be cc’ed in all email communications.  Your grievance reps can provide managements email addresses for all management.


ERJ Grievance Contact Info



Carli Meneses



Manny Rivero




Cori Horowitz



Monica Pasillas



Banetta Jones




Ali Rhodes




Nancie Craft



Deanna Chillion



Suzi Bahan




Mary Shank

(850) 776-4301


RDO Request Procedures

Please remember if you have a day off rolled and you wish to have it restored you must request it within 24 hours in accordance with §5.P.2.  The procedure to request your

Restored Day Off (RDO) is>Navigation>Crewmember ERJ>RDO>insert date(s) rolled and dates requested.  Keep in mind the following CBA language when your are requesting your Restored Days:

  • 5.P.5. Restoration of a day(s) off during a multiple day trip will be either the first or last day of the trip subject to mutual agreement between the flight attendant and Crew Scheduling. If a flight attendant must drop a multiple day trip to restore a day(s) off, she/he will have the option of not accepting reassignment for the remainder of the dropped trip. In this case the flight attendant will either have her/his line value or MMG reduced or, with the concurrence of the Company, she/he may be relieved of all assignment responsibility with no loss of pay.

You should receive a confirmation of your RDO request in your MyMessages.  If you have questions please contact your grievance representative.


 Step 2 Grievances

We are expecting to receive several grievances from EWR and IAH for appeal to Step 2.  Until we receive those grievances for appeal the base breakdown for the current pending Step 2 grievances is as follows:







We are currently coordinating a date in January with the Company to hear the outstanding Step 2 grievances.


Grievance Mediation

We have confirmed our next grievance mediation dates will be February 9-11 in conjunction with CRJ grievance mediation in Atlanta.



Upcoming Local Lodge Meetings


2339N (EWR)

EWR Embassy Suites

95 Glimcher Realty Way, Elizabeth, NJ 07201

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 3pm

transportation provided from EWR P-4



2339O (CLE & ORD)

ORD Best Western

10300 W Higgins Rd, Rosemont, Illinois, 60018

Wednesday, January 13, 2016 1pm

transportation provided from ORD bus/shuttle center



2339H (ERJ-DFW & IAH)

Ramada Houston Intercontinental East

6115 Will Clayton Pkwy, Humble, TX 7733

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 1pm

transportation available from IAH



2339A (CRJ-DFW, DTW & ATL)

Fairfield Inn & Suites

1255 Walker Ave. East Point, GA 30344

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 2pm

transportation available from ATL



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