ExpressJet Weekly Update July 1, 2015

FMLA Issues

This month we will begin implementing additional training for grievance representatives along with rolling out more tools such as a comprehensive FMLA timeline.  These tools will initially be issued to the grievance representatives and later disseminated on a wider basis to the entire membership.  Keep in mind, you should always reach out to the local representatives anytime you are going through the FMLA process, especially if it is a new case or the first time applying.


If you are bumped off a DHD flight, you need to contact your local rep ASAP. These are issues that we have been successful in resolving in the past and have addressed them once again.

Pass Travel Reminder

Please note that pass riders are not able to fly without permission if you are out from work on a sick call or any leave of absence.  If you do need to utilize your travel benefits while on leave or out sick you must have written permission from management in advance.


Recently, we successfully challenged a payroll issue that did not reflect reserves being credited for block or better.  Also, there have been issues with receiving timely responses from payroll. Anytime there is an issue with payroll, you should contact your local grievance representative immediately to help resolve the problem.

Grievance Resolutions

Please be advised that the first step in both the CRJ and ERJ grievance process for individual grievances is the flight attendant, not a union representative, seeking a resolution with management.  However, that does not mean we cannot guide you through that process. Be sure to contact management in writing so there is no dispute as to whether or not you sought resolution and always cc your union representative.


Flying into VRD

Reserves should not be assigned to fly into a VRD. Once you receive a VRD it is considered your off day.  The only way you should be assigned to fly into your VRD are the same conditions that would need to exist in order for you to fly into a day off. This has been an issue we have been able to rectify recently. If you are assigned to do so, contact a local representative ASAP.

AOA parking bus issue in DTW

There has been an issue with the AOA (SIDA) bus being available in the very early morning hours and we have addressed this with management. We have also requested that communication from the Company be sent out notifying the DTW FAs of the updated schedules and its posting in the lounge. The AOA bus schedule does confirm there is a break in service from 2am-3:25am.

The Company’s explanation thus far is that there are no flights scheduled to arrive or depart within that time period. That obviously makes sense; however, we explained the issue of delayed flights and a particular situation where a flight attendant was not able to get to her car as a result of the break in service.

In our last communication with DTW Base Management on the issue, it was discussed that it would be handled on a case by case basis. They also informed us they are working with OCC to devise a plan.  We will advise you of any updates on this situation.


Customer Complaints

We have seen a noticeable increase in customer complaints on the ERJ operation which we believe may be partly due to the fact that mainline partners have been avidly soliciting feedback on flights.  Some of the complaints have been very vague and at times even inappropriate.  In these situations, we have been able to have these complaints successfully disregarded.  So, keep in mind, feedback is being solicited, and if you have any questions please contact a local grievance representative.

Personal Drops

We have been addressing personal drop issues with the Company. We were close to a settlement on the problems we have been encountering, but unfortunately an automated system would not provide for partial trip drops, which are guaranteed by the CBA.  We are still working with the Company on a resolution, but there has also been an Et Al grievance filed on the issues currently taking place.

If you have been asked to “call back” to request a personal drop, it violates our contractual right to personal drops being granted on a first come, first serve basis.  If this has happened to you in the past 30 days please contact your local grievance representative with details so we can pull tapes to provide evidence to support this grievance.

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Updated: July 3, 2015 — 4:26 pm
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