ExpressJet Weekly Update July 22, 2015


Your IAM joint contract negotiations committee met from Monday, July 20, 2015 and continued through Thursday, July 23, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Proposals were passed on the following Sections:

Section 5 Travel Expenses

Section 6 Training

Section 9 Sick Leave

Section 11 Leaves of Absences

Section 23 General

We expected much more progress to be made on these Sections, unfortunately due to inaction on the Company’s part that was not possible.   In addition, vast division remains on several key issues contained within these Sections.

In Section 11 Leaves of Absence, one of the most extensive sections in the CBA, we focused on sick and vacation accruals, along with medical benefits while on different types of leaves.  Section 5 Travel Expenses has very few open items but those contain substantial differences.  We were able to resolve most issues in Section 6, Training.  Section 9 Sick Leave has been whittled down to just a few open items as well but some of those items have the potential to greatly impact the membership, which is not being taken lightly.  Section 23 General, encompasses many different topics such as out of base parking, commuter clause policy and jumpseating.  We are aware that these issues will affect the day-to-day quality of life of our members, so we are continuing to fight hard to protect your rights.

We remain determined to achieve an industry leading agreement, while the Company has shown that it is their intent to negotiate a subpar agreement.  Your negotiations committee is unified in our resolve to bringing our membership a contract that they deserve, as safety professionals.

Negotiations will continue on September 14 through September 17, 2015 in Houston, Texas.

The dedicated website for negotiations can be accessed at:

Heat Issues

‪Recently via the ASAP reporting system, we have noticed an uptick on the reporting of extremely hot aircraft and dangerous work conditions. We have had this to the point of one  of our Flight Attendants  being taken to the hospital with heat exhaustion this last week.

‪To work on better improving the system and these conditions, the proper method of reporting is to do an IOR. I encourage all of you to please, take the time to do an IOR each and every time you are encountering an aircraft that has extreme heat issues during these hot summer months.  If you are getting customer complaints that the aircraft is too hot–do an IOR. If there is a maintenance issue where something is inop and deferred and the interior cabin temperature is above 80 degrees, please be proactive with your Captain on this and do an IOR. If there are several IORs per day submitted, this will be an action item that gets to the proper departments immediately.

‪As always, be safe, stay hydrated and be proactive.  Should you have any questions or concerns you can reach me at

JAN Hotel Fire Update

We spoke with the Director of Sales at the Marriott JAN, she said that a recycling trailer located in the Alley behind the hotel caught on fire.  The fire was isolated to the back dock area only!.  Alarms inside the hotel did not go off because there was no fire inside the hotel. For precautionary measures, they made an announcement to guests about the fire at the back of the hotel and assured them the hotel was not on fire.  They are open!  It’s business as usual!   Again, nothing inside the hotel was affected.  If there are any questions or concerns please contact ERJ Hotel Committee Chairperson, Ali Rhodes at .

Jumpseat  Form Reminder
As we mentioned previously, we continue to seek new ways to fight back against the current one-sided policy that United has implemented.  We still need your help to show what a huge issue this is and how it is not only negatively impacting your daily lives, but also the operation.

Your local representatives should all have the new form available that you can bring with you to fill out when you miss a commute due to our lack of access to the United jumpseat.  Also, if you know of specific instances in the past, where you were not able to get on a flight, you can fill the form out retroactively as well.  You should include any and all supporting documentation (such as receipts for paid tickets, etc.). Please don’t forget to fill out the comments section if you had to purchase a ticket, use your commuter clause or if a flight you were supposed to operate had a delay or cancelation as a result of being denied the United jumpseat.  Please keep the forms on hand and follow the submission instructions on the bottom.

Thank you for helping us fight for jumpseat equality.  We will update you on our progress on this issue soon.  If you have any questions please email



The CRJ Hotel Committee will conduct several hotel inspections in the next few weeks to better serve our Flight Attendants. Please continue to address your concerns to our CRJ Hotel Chairperson Traci Campbell, at please follow up with an IOR.

CRJ Payroll Meeting

The Union met with the Company on Monday, July 20, 2015, to stress the importance of Flight Attendants being paid correctly. We also discussed audits that are being performed what seems like every time we are being paid. The Company acknowledged that audits are performed any time a Flight Attendant had a VTD, VRD or have exhausted their sick time. The company is working on a program to explain how we are paid. They have agreed to allow our input to address Flight Attendant concerns. Once the program is complete, your Grievance Representatives will be trained, to better assist our Flight Attendants.

PBS Bid Run

If at any time you don’t understand or have questions about your bid award, please contact our PWG Chairperson Anita Deen her email address is

Grievance Update

This week Grievance Representatives have been able to resolve violations prior to a grievance being filed. Grievance Mediation is still scheduled for August 5 and August 6, 2015.


August RGT Pick Up Issue

Last Sunday we were notified by several members that they were unable to pick up RGT for August via Sked+ because the Training tab is not there. Not being allowed to pick up RGT during ILIW is a violation of the CBA so we immediately contacted the Company regarding the issue.  An email bulletin requesting all those affected to email their RGT date to the Union was sent out and those who emailed us had their information including prefered RGT date noted and forwarded to the Company for processing.  According to the Company and those affected members, everyone has had their requests honored.  If you have RGT in August and could not pick up RGT via Sked+ and have not already had your prefered RGT date uploaded on your schedule please email your name, employee number and preferred date you would like to take RGT at with “RGT” in the subject line.

Grievance Update

On Monday July 13th, General Chairperson Sara Gonzales and Special Representative Melissa Brennan met with the ERJ Director of Inflight and the Manager-Contract Administration & Compliance to discuss outstanding ERJ grievances. There was progress made on several issues, such as what constitutes a reassignment which affects our pay protection along with Min and Max fly options for reserves. There were several other issues identified that the Company was not willing to settle and those have already been appealed to arbitration and we are moving forward with the arbitrator selection process on those grievances.  There were also many issues that were identified that require more follow up which we will be pursuing expeditiously, so we may either achieve a settlement or move to arbitration.  As we receive more of our follow up requests, we will be communicating more specifics.

There are six grievances appealed to Step 2, which will be heard in Houston, Texas on July 29th.  Scheduled to be in attendance at these hearings are General Chairperson, Sara Gonzales assisted by Special representative Melissa Brennan for the Union and the ERJ Director of Inflight along with the Manager-Contract Administration & Compliance for the Company.

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