ExpressJet Weekly Update June 3, 2015

The IAM recognized our incredible Flight Attendant Sisters and Brothers who protect the skies each day on May 31st, International Cabin Crew Day.



Our responsibility comes with many misperceptions regarding our roles once passengers board our aircrafts. We ensure the safety and security of the flying public and our pilot co-workers. Sadly, most Flight Attendants are significantly under-appreciated.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Flight Attendant members at ExpressJet, Open Skies, and Commutair, along with all Flight Attendants across the world for their hard work and dedication in doing such a great and important job.



May 31st represents International Cabin Crew Day, and so IAM District 142 gave a token of appreciation. While you are flying on Sunday, we had several IAM representatives across various bases with a small “thank-you.”

IMG_3720Keep up the amazing work you do, it does not go unnoticed!


Withheld Open Time

As you are aware the Company was with withholding open time in May in accordance with Section 7.K.1. of the CBA which states the following:

The Company may, at its discretion withhold Open Time for assignment to Reserves if the Reserve(s) are projected to fly below guarantee for the month.

However, as we know this greatly impact the quality of life for lineholders so we were meeting regularly with the Company to assess the situation and to attempt to have them release more trips into open time.  Due to our persistence on the issue, we were successfully able to have the Company release a total of approximately 40 trips into open time for the month of May.

We have already met with the Company regarding the situation for June and due to the coverage they will not be withholding open time for June.  VTDs, which have always been withheld for reserve assignment, will continue to be withheld as they are considered a cost saving measure for the Company.

We are also in contact with the Company regarding being able to swap trips with a trip that has been assigned to a reserve.   While we do not want to hinder the quality of life for reserves, honoring seniority is paramount.

Holding a Line

There has been some confusion regarding junior flight attendants holding a line before more senior flight attendants who are on reserve.  There are several factors that go into those results.  Bidding with very restrictive preferences is one contributing factor that may result in a senior flight attendant not being awarded a line.  Also, if a junior flight attendant has a virtual pre-award credit (i.e. training or vacation, etc…) it may be the only way the system is able to build a line.  For example if there are many senior people that bid the first and second week of the month off then there will be a surplus of trips still available in those weeks, however not enough in the second half of the month to build complete lines. But Flica may be able to build complete lines if there are virtual pre-award credits present that meet the minimum credit hours for that month.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this issue please contact PWG Chairperson, Anita Deen at

Reserve Bucket List Issues

We have been closely monitoring the bucket list and have found issues regarding reserves not being assigned based on days of availability and block hours flown for the month.  We have addressed these violations in real time and corrections have been made immediately. But we need all reserves to closely monitor the bucket list in order to ensure trips are being assigned in accordance with Section 8.C.2.  If you have questions or see a bucket list violation please contact your local grievance representative immediately and always take screen shots if at all possible.


Displaced Positive Space Grievance

As we have reported in the past we have an outstanding grievance regarding the Company’s refusal to provide positive space to displaced flight attendants.  While we did believe we were close to a resolution, the Company has refused to offer a fair settlement.  Please be assured that this grievance has been appealed to arbitration and we now plan to hear this at arbitration as soon as possible.

MCI Water in the Crew Room


Unfortunately the Company did not have water available for flight attendants in the MCI crew room from May 25-28.  This violates Section 3.Q.4. which provides one liter of water for each flight attendant’s duty period.  Obviously ARCs had no access to water.  Grievance Representative Darci McLaren contacted management to resolve the situation but was unsuccessful however, the Union purchased water to provide it to ARC flight attendants.  Grievance Representative Darci McLaren filed a grievance on 6/1/15 and we plan to pursue this to the fullest extent.


Personal Drops

We have received reports that Crew Scheduling has been denying personal drops inconsistently.  We have been working with the Company including a discussion at a meeting this week, to expand the parameters for requesting a personal drop, where it will be possible to request personal drops in advance and have it automated in order to prevent inconsistencies. We awaiting follow up from the Company but look forward to resolving the issue soon.


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